Eight Plus Nought Equals Eight

Sunday August 3rd 2014

The fact so many non regulars want and more importantly can afford to go to the Emirates Cup is absolutely fantastic. The fact however, so many season ticket holders and home and away stalwarts choose to avoid the weekend probably sums up the way most view it’s importance and relevance. 

For me I see it as a great opportunity to visit our home with a totally different routine and set of emotions. And that is all. Of course we are all very competitive but I put as much importance on our defeat to Monaco as I do our victory over Benfica. 

Club Level is not an area of our home ground where the majority of us either get or choose to view home matches. With the lower priced tickets for this round of friendlies however, I choose to take in this experience over this weekend. Some of my fellow Gooner friends join me of course but the majority of the seats around me are taken by people I have never seen before.

Wake me up if we score 6.....

Wake me up if we score 6…..

We are all guilty of making silly comments in the heat of passion and emotion but when you sit with the same faces week in week out these become so consistent that they are like water off a duck’s back, often becoming amusing at times.

Our defeat to Monaco wasn’t the greatest of games of course but remembering it is a friendly where every single moment is important to our pre-season preparation should be considered above all else.

Our marking at the set piece was poor. Very poor but of the many comments I heard today, one stood out. “Another season, same old shite!”. I assume this is the ‘same old shite’ we witnessed back in May. Amazing.

Saturday we saw a few goals for our day out and overall it has been a sundrenched weekend to enjoy.

Players ready for Sunday's encounter

Players ready for Sunday’s encounter

Tuesday I am off to Stroud in Gloucestershire ‎to watch an Arsenal XI take on Forest Green Rovers, not for any other reason than I have never been or seen us play there.

Rubbish we are, rubbish! 🙂



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