What to do in our week off….

Wednesday 10th September 2014

Writing a blog during the season when we haven’t actually played since my last one, is not something I tend to do. But without our team playing, I tend to get a bit bored! Not that there hasn’t been plenty going on to talk about of course.

I like a music festival. In fact I quite like any kind of festival. The word alone suggests it will be an event with plenty going on! Over the last three years, including this, the September International break has coincided with the quite immense event that is ‘Bestival’, an incredible 4 day party with live music, djs, comedy, ‘streetfood’ etc etc where 60 thousand people turn up to enjoy the fun and frolics. The stunning weather over the last few days meant it could not have been any better. I didn’t see many football shirts over the weekend, the ‘Desert Island Disco’ theme not really lending itself to that kind of attire. The vast majority I did see however, were Gooners. Proud as ever.

A fellow Bestival partygoer dons a much maligned but fondly remembered away shirt from the 90s

A fellow Bestival partygoer dons a much maligned but fondly remembered away shirt from the 90s

Returning to reality on Monday I sat down to watch England’s trip to Switzerland whilst trying to ignore all the enormous hype that goes with every England International. With four of our own in the squad it certainly gives more of a reason to watch the game, coupled with the fact any ‘competition’ game is always more attractive to watch than a friendly. Don’t get me wrong, I am English and as a result my competitive side means I would rather my country wins against any opponent but I have never made it any secret that I put my club allegiances first.

For that reason alone wanting all our players back, fit and available for Saturday is way more important than anything else in my opinion, something that is always extremely difficult when most of your squad is involved all over the world.

Watching Danny Welbeck play on Monday night, became much more interesting of course when he became a Gooner last week and some of my thoughts demonstrate just how little attention I had given him as a player previously. Firstly I didn’t realise how big he is. Couple that with his unquestionable speed, something else I hadn’t really noticed in the past, and that is quite a package for a centre forward to possess. Twice on Monday night we were to also see his finishing ability in front of goal. As Arsenal fans that could not possibly be any more pleasing to see and leaves us all quite excited in anticipation of his future career as a Gooner.

Seeing Rambo limp off from the absolutely disgusting playing surface in Andorra just 24 hours later however, shows that other side we all fear when our players go off to play in Internationals. It kind of mirrors our trip to Everton. The sheer joy of a late equaliser followed by the news Olly would be out for a few months. As I write these thoughts I have everything crossed that the news regarding Rambo is more encouraging.

We certainly need as many of our squad available with the tough week we have ahead. Can we win all three games? Of course we can but the quality of our opponents means they are all fixtures that could go the other way too. Hosting the league champions is the first hurdle of course and a fixture to thoroughly look forward to.

Come on you mighty reds!



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