An Early End of the Road

Wednesday 24th September 2014

Some of our most enjoyable, entertaining and successful nights over the years have been in the League Cup. On this occasion we have fallen at the first hurdle. Being competitive we want to win every single game and competition we enter. But does it hurt all that much? Not really. For me, that tells a thousand words.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the League Cup nights. That ‘cup tie’ feel is accompanied by many aspects that are different to the norm and for me that includes not sitting in my usual season ticket seat. I absolutely love the vantage point from my seat and enjoy all the banter with the Gooners around me that only familiarity can produce. But on occasion it is nice to do something different and coupled with the discounted tickets in this competition the League Cup gives me a perfect opportunity.

For all those of us fortunate enough to be in a position to attend every home game, these nights are also quite amusing. Without meaning to be in the slightest bit derogatory, outside the stadium is a little bit chaotic! Thousands of people a little unsure as to where they are going, what they need to do to get in, how much time they should have left to arrive for kick-off and all accompanied by what seems like millions of kids!! A whole different pre-match situation and fantastic to see. A great opportunity for many who cannot usually attend and great to see so many Gooners of future generations.

The League Cup scene is set

The League Cup scene is set

Ten changes from the starting line up at Villa was kind of expected and although we looked quite strong in some areas, we certainly looked young and perhaps experimental in others. In a game that could have gone either way it took a penalty, an incredible strike and some missed chances for an extremely big, strong and powerful Southampton first choice eleven to put us out.

Alexis’ early free-kick was sublime and probably worth the entrance money alone but proved to be the only highlight from our point of view. Other chances came and went and despite enjoying long spells of possession our visitors looked dangerous on the break. Not to be on this occasion and we move on to another incredibly tough week in two other competitions.

Saturday evening is the first game on the agenda and our latest encounter with our nearest and dearest from down the Seven Sisters Road. A fixture that comes along with hugely differing pre-match situations year on year but one where local passion and rivalry out shines anything else. Time and time again it has also proved that the clubs’ two positions off the field are largely irrelevant when it comes to the result.

Come on you mighty mighty reds!



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