A Top Late Jostle

Thursday 23rd October 2014

Like all of us, I’m not really sure quite how that happened. But the reality is it did. And in complete contrast to the majority of the night, boy did we enjoy it!

Our choice of trip on this occasion was a 35 seat VIP coach often used as a team bus for clubs such as Colchester and Ipswich. Departing Maidstone about 6am on Wednesday morning was a little painful admittedly but the coach’s major comfort and social side meant the journey through the tunnel and across France into Belgium simply flew by.

I quite like Brussels. And we made the very most of its hospitality from the moment we arrived until we entered the stadium.

This is what Belgian beer does to you

This is what Belgian beer does to you

What can I say about the game? Well, we had plenty of the ball but it couldn’t be described as anything more than a poor performance. We were sluggish, not dangerous at any stage and after conceding we could have quite easily gone 2 or 3 behind. I couldn’t have felt more deflated and along with frustration and anger it matched my fellow travelling Gooners.

Away End view

Away End view

But football has a way of matching those emotions with joy. And last night, as unexpected and unlikely as it looked, we got just that.

I wouldn’t describe our celebrations of Gibbo’s equaliser as crazy. A point is better than none but it didn’t hide the fact we had been poor. When the ball fell to Poldi a couple of minutes later and he thumped it home however, it was total and utter carnage!

The most unlikely of victories to take home from our latest European jolly, along with some considerable delicate heads brought on by the expected celebrations.

Strangely, our next away trip is further away than this one. And our host’s previous result suggests they are highly likely to come out as a side with something to prove. And that is a dangerous prospect.

We know that however, so we can offer no excuses if we are not prepared.

Now, some shut eye I think, before getting back to Blighty.

See you at the Stadium of Light.



One response to “A Top Late Jostle”

  1. Tom says :

    I don’t know what he was saying but the Arabic commentor was a little excitable when poldi scored. Scouser game was on English Channel so has to take Arabic coverage. Very strange night indeed!!

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