Boing Boing Bang!

Monday 1st December 2014

The word ‘Christmas’ and everything that goes with it should be banned until we reach the month of December in my opinion! Unfortunately however, as soon as the very last embers of Guy Fawkes night die out we simply cannot escape it. TV adverts galore, pre-xmas sales (not something I ever remember in the past), festive songs being belted out from every angle, fares, festivals, lights and of course ‘banners’. Something that has certainly been treated with an enormous amount of importance by the media and created a frenzy of passionate ‘debate’ amongst us Gooners since Saturday’s trip to West Brom.

Every single person has an opinion of course and each individual has a right to air this. Fortunately we live in a ‘free speech’ society and this allows healthy debate and discussion on all subjects. This of course does not mean we will all agree, even if we are united in our support of the same team. There are ways and means of doing things. Ways that show respect, that show a knowledge of the game and demonstrate that like the club we follow we are graced with a huge degree of integrity and class. The banner raised with such ill judged timing as our players acknowledged our support having claimed a hard fought away victory represents the views of some. And that I feel is the point. It certainly does not represent the view of all Gooners out there. By raising it among the 3 odd thousand gathered in the away end at The Hawthorns it looks to all onlookers that it represents the views of everyone present. Whatever the message, I have my own views on where we are as a club and to think another Gooner out there feels he has the right to try and represent me is hugely offensive. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t air your views. Like all of us, you are entitled to do just that. But take your message and get across your thoughts with those who agree with and follow your views. Don’t take your message and try and wrongly represent those who may well have a totally different opinion to you and are consequently included in yours by association only.

In my lifetime it took from 71 to 79 to win a trophy and that was the FA Cup. It took a further 10 years for me to see my team win their first league title. Having been to my first game in January 1977, by the time I was 28 I had only seen us play in the European Cup/Champions League in one season. I have now seen my team play overseas more than 200 times. Since Mr Wenger has arrived I have seen my team win many trophies, reach many finals and play the greatest football I have ever witnessed. Earlier this year we won the FA Cup. Just over 6 months ago in fact. And even with all the success I have enjoyed over the years it was one of the greatest days of my life. I can go on and on and on. Time and age dictates we are reaching the end of this incredible era. That is fact. But until that day arrives I for one will continue to show arguably the greatest man to ever represent our fantastic football club the respect he deserves. I respect everyone’s opinion but this is my choice……and I certainly won’t be printing a banner to suggest everyone has to agree.

Moving on to the more important subject of our latest game I thoroughly enjoyed the day. A fat head as a result of going to see The Ordinary Boys on Friday night (remember them!?) meant it wasn’t the most comfortable of early starts but with the journey successfully undertaken we enjoyed some pre-match refreshment in our usual West Bromwich haunt before making our way into the Away End for what felt a crucial match.

Always a tough place to go and win I felt we completely dominated pretty much all of the game until the very latter stages but looking back to the Man Utd game we couldn’t help but wonder if for all that we might slip up again. One bit of brilliance, bad luck or a mistake and the win we deserved might not have come to fruition.

Having gone into the break level, our pressure seemed to increase early in the second half culminating in Santi’s superb run and cross before Welbs towered above the defender to head home.

Bang! Get in....

Bang! Get in….

Trying not to be negative I couldn’t stop my thoughts from turning to Swansea away a few weeks back. Our goal there came at the end of a period where we were dominating the game but we still came away with nothing. On this occasion we dug in and done enough to see it out. A massive three points.

A smooth journey home and a few celebratory beers on a lengthy Saturday evening brought on as a result of our early kick-off and come Sunday morning thoughts turned to our next game as we entertain high flying Southampton on Wednesday evening.

It has been a good start to the week, we now have an opportunity to continue that against tough opposition.

Come on you mighty reds!



3 responses to “Boing Boing Bang!”

  1. timfowlerrunning says :

    I agree with your Comments regarding the banner Frank. I was there on Saturday, and no way did those idiots represent my feelings on the matter. Also, it showed a lack of class and dignity, something that Arsenal used to be famous for. Mind you, don’t get me started on the I Want To Go Home song, that’s also lacking in class and respect.

    • Monica Mason says :

      Thank goodness for supporters like you. Thank you so much for your interesting reports, I look forward to reading them every week. I was there in 1971 when we won the league and then the cup and love Arsenal FC through thick and thin. In Arsene I trust.

  2. Elaine and Alan says :

    I couldn’t have put it better myself. As my husband and myself are now unable to attend many away games we take the opportunity to watch them when we can in our local and we were appalled to see that banner – both its timing and its message. We don’t know how many people it was supposed to represent but it certainly wasn’t us and we didn’t appreciate the ensuing flack we’ve received because of it. People need to be careful what they wish for. When the time comes for Arsene to hang up his boots let’s hope the transition to our new manager will be done the Arsenal way – with dignity and class.

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