Too Much to Do or Too Little Too Late?

Sunday 7th December 2014

Many moons ago, when I first started to play football on a competitive basis, the coaching I received was fairly basic. Or to be more accurate, emphasis was placed on teaching the ‘basics’. At such a young age of course, this couldn’t possibly have been more valuable. 

My playing days were spent in midfield or up front and consequently defending definitely wasn’t my area if expertise. Back in that ‘basic’ training however, I do remember one particular aspect of the defensive art being drummed into my team mates. Cutting out any cross at the earliest opportunity could not have been emphasized enough.

Let’s be honest we don’t like going to Stoke. I can only think of Hillsborough as possibly a stadium that has proved to be more of a bogey ground down the years. And after yesterday, we all probably like it even less.

Thought we could have been a little bit more central

Thought we could have been a little bit more central

I would prefer to start with the bad rather than the good and it doesn’t need me to tell you the first half was a total disaster. Its the nature of the first two goals however, that is so disappointing. Two low, comfortably clearable crosses got to our near post and the attacking player comfortably got there first. When you do the ‘basics’ I was taught all those years ago, that simply does not happen.

Between the goals, Olly missed a headed chance he should have buried and it pretty much summed up our day.

I cannot criticise our second half performance. We were committed, showed considerable pride and were very close to gaining something from what looked impossible. Pleasing, yes…..but it doesn’t change the ‎fact we were poor enough to come away with nothing from a game against a beatable side.

At half time it was ‘heated’ in the away end with lots of travelling Gooners venting their frustration. I didn’t see what happened after but I have heard ‎various reports. For me, I find that all incredibly disappointing. I get the frustration of course but don’t we all support the same team and want the same things from our club? I’m all for passion people but show some class boys and girls!

Football of course is graced ‎with the beauty that when u lose a game there’s another one just round the corner.

So, i’m writing these notes on my flight from Luton to Istanbul accompanied by similar minded company, some in flight tucker and a bucket load of vino. 

And d’you know what? I think that’s kinda my point. 

I’m going to one of the ‎world’s greatest cities. 

And d’you know why?? 

Because of my club. Your club. Our club.

Victoria Concordia Crescit


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