A Late Kick in the Xmas Proverbials

Tuesday 23rd December 2014

Looking at the fixture list every season I don’t believe there is anyone that earmarks Liverpool away as one where three points look probable. We might have witnessed some incredibly positive results down the years but we have also been on the end of some proper spankings. Including last season of course. Like every one of us I hoped we could take maximum points but before a ball was kicked on Sunday I would have taken a point. Based on that, as the dust settles and debate wanes, I have to be satisfied with the fact we did just that. In a game where we didn’t play particularly well we cannot help but be disappointed however, that we didn’t manage to see the game out so late on due to a total lack of concentration at a set piece.

Now and again a game comes along where I lack a little bit of enthusiasm when my alarm goes off at a ridiculous hour for a Sunday morning. Being one of the most famous, historic and anticipated fixtures in the English football calendar, such a game shouldn’t really be Liverpool away. Yet getting up in the dark on a dreary Winter morning and driving a 500 mile round trip didn’t have me buzzing on this occasion.

I don’t feel guilty for those feelings as for me personally they don’t come along that often and travelling the length and breadth of this country and beyond week in week out I feel I am entitled to occasionally feel a little bit apathetic towards the day ahead.

Once on route my fellow travellers, the debate and the humour changed the mood as always and parked up in our usual spot near Anfield we enjoyed the pre-match build up in our traditional hostelry.

Turnstiles open and ready for business

Turnstiles open and ready for business

Both inside and outside the stadium I could really feel the sense of uncertainty as to how the game would pan out, both from the home fans and travelling Gooners. An obvious statement but we all knew any result was possible whereas in the majority of other games us fans always seem to be more specific!

Come on you mighty yellows!

Come on you mighty yellows!

Overall I found the game a bit strange on this occasion. A rubbish adjective and piece of analysis admittedly but maybe my apathy on the day can be used as an excuse as to why I am struggling to come up with anything better!

We really didn’t get going at all in the first half but although our hosts enjoyed the lion’s share of the possession I still never really felt like we would concede. Until just before half time of course, arguably the worst time to concede. (A fact that certainly felt inaccurate an hour or so later!) Mat Debuchy is a fine player for me. He reads the game extremely well and very much comes across as someone with huge amounts of experience under his belt. To out jump Skirtel to nod in our equaliser was quite something and a major jostle ensued in the corner of the Anfield Road end. We’ll definitely take that given how poor we had been so far.

The second period was slightly better I felt but in general play I think we have to concede we were still second best. To take the lead with probably our best move of the match was extremely pleasing and it put ourselves in what had looked an unlikely winning position all afternoon.

The lengthy injury time was expected so we have no complaints there I feel but the late late equaliser can be only be described as extremely disappointing. It certainly made the long journey back south filled with frustration rather than the joy of victory. Our season’s analysis come May however, will see a point at Anfield as a positive result for me.

This crazy festive period of fixtures comes next with QPR being our next obstacle on Boxing Day. A win is simply essential.

Merry Xmas to you all. May it be red, white, yellow and blue.



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