Trying So Hard Not To Win!

Saturday 27th December 2014

Traditionally Boxing Day has been quite fruitful down the years, extremely important when it comes to hoping it doesn’t go some way to ruining our Christmas. QPR have yet to win on the road this season so on paper it looked like a fine opportunity to continue that trend. Football isn’t played on paper (bonus points for an early cliche surely!) and in a game crammed full of incident and discussion points we seemed to do everything possible to not come away with the three points!

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and the lack of public transport options available anywhere outside of London has to be one of the major reasons but I have always been a big fan of Boxing Day football. Christmas Day and all the gluttony that goes with it sees the following Day arrive with serious cravings to get out of the house…..and going to support our great club seems the perfect excuse.

The weather looked altogether rather pleasant leaving home with quite a large degree of fatigue but it certainly wasn’t a sign of what was to come! Leaving the warm comfort of our chosen location for pre-match fare definitely didn’t look particularly attractive as the skies threw torrents of water onto London N5.

We started the game extremely well I felt with just that opening goal missing from it being pretty much perfect. The penalty of course did give us that opportunity and fortunately the miss didn’t prove costly in the end.

I am one of those who believes any player at the highest level should be able to take and score a penalty. To see a world class footballer miss one however, proves the greatest can do just that. The only bit I couldn’t understand on the day was why Alexis took it when Santi had taken and scored the previous two. A strange decision and a wrong one it seems.

Our domination was incredible however, the fact Chezz hardly touched the ball until we scored our fine opener as good an indication as any.

A half time lead was no less than we deserved, in fact we should have been home and dry (pardon the pun).

I am extremely confident if Olly hadn’t seen that red mist briefly descend we would have gone on to win comfortably. His moment of madness however, made our lead extremely precarious.

Although I do understand why he reacted there can be no excuse for the extent of what he did. Of course the player reacted as if he’d been shot but the proximity of the referee suggests even if he hadn’t the result would have been the same.

Letting his team mates and us fans down, the effect could have been twofold. Losing him for the next three games is a blow and it definitely could have cost us three points too.

To win with 10 men for so long certainly deserves credit but it only got nervy when the penalty was awarded despite Matt clearly taking the ball.

Given the circumstances it was satisfying to get the three points.

West Ham away next. Always tough. potentially than for a long period this time round.

Sing up!



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