Alex Song – Man of the Match

Sunday 28th December 2014

When a ‘Man of the Match’ announcement is made inside a stadium I am very much aware it will always be given to a player from the home team. I am also aware it will often be chosen by people such as the matchday sponsors.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t have a problem with ex Gooner Alex Song. In fact I would go as far as to say he looked the classiest player in a West Ham shirt by some distance.

But The Hammers’ goalkeeper Adrien was the winner of Sunday’s ‘award’ by a country mile. 3 of his second half saves were world class and mindbogglingly (now there’s a word!) frustrating.

Maybe a couple of big decisions could have gone the other way on another day but the West Ham goalkeeper certainly prevented our excellent counter attacks from making it a rout.

A sunny and chilly day met us when we arrived in East London and discussions pre-match surrounded how tough an afternoon we all knew it potentially could be.

Our record against West Ham, especially in recent years, is very good but we all knew our hosts really would have fancied themselves in this latest encounter.

Packed away end as always

Packed away end as always

Defending well and working hard were essential I felt. Chances always come our way in every game but earning that ‘right’ is equally as important. For me we did that extremely well this afternoon and a two goal lead at half time was extremely satisfying.

Our hosts goal early in the 2nd period made it a nervy remaining half hour or so of course but how we didn’t go on to make the scoreline more comfortable is beyond me. Only Adrien knows how!

A massive result and our 13th point out of our last potential 15. Good form, even if we haven’t been at our best.

Pleasing for me today is not only that we held out for the victory against a constant aerial bombardment but I felt we looked extremely dangerous going forward. With so many players still missing that has to be a massive positive.

A good Christmas so far then and it doesn’t get any easier in our first game of 2015.

For us Gooners 2014 will be remembered for our fantastic FA Cup run and that awesome day in May. It still sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

Us football fans however, crave more feelings like those. That journey starts on Thursday down in Southampton.

Have a cracking New Years Eve folks.

Lets make the following day noisy and yellow.



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