Into Wembley…..and back out the other side

Sunday 4th January 2015

Twelve months ago I was travelling home with that warm glow of victory. Not just a ‘normal’ one. We had just beaten a very very confident Tottenham side to be fair. Today I don’t feel quite as euphoric but any cup competition dictates you can only have the same prize. As a result progression to the last 32 and another chance to defend our trophy sees me heading home extremely satisfied with my day out.

And it has certainly been a day out! As soon as inevitability kicked in and last season’s finalists dictated our 3rd round pairing would be chosen for live TV coverage, I saw it as the ‘final Xmas shindig’ before reality kicks back in tomorrow!

So we left quite early. Enough to make sure even this country’s disrupted Sunday rail service wouldn’t spoil our day. And a fine establishment in Charing Cross played host accordingly, making sure we at least were well and truly ‘up for the cup’.

It was a chilly old afternoon as we made our way to the stadium for a game we probably all expected to win despite our defeat at Southampton, many of our squad still being absent and our opponents being from the Premier League.

The TV cameras being present suggested they were expecting something along the lines of Wembley in May. Let’s be honest that was never going to be the case.

The BFG opened the scoring, Alexis doubled our lead in the second period and there is little further to report.

Job done. I should say so.

The draw comes on Monday. Cambridge or Rochdale away would be nice.

Then our friends from Stoke come to town.

On the march…..



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