Good ol’ Sussex By The Sea

Monday 26th January 2015

Two years ago we enjoyed a cracking day out on the Sussex coast. My thumping head today is certainly evidence enough that it was no less enjoyable this time round. Our current love affair with the World’s greatest cup competition continues.

A very good friend of mine and fellow Gooner is currently working overseas. Last time we were due to play Brighton he came to visit and a relatively quiet Friday night turned into absolute carnage! I remember the journey to Sussex being extremely painful but the day itself was equally as messy and we got the result we all wanted too.

A few weeks back my mate decided to book flights and come back for this weekend. To be playing Brighton again is a huge coincidence. 

On this occasion we decided to pop out for a few ‎jars on Saturday afternoon with every intention to not go mad given the big day we were expecting on Sunday. That was all going to plan……and then we witnessed the last 20 minutes or so of Sky Sports Saturday!!! There is no doubt that was one of the most incredible and dare I say amusing FA Cup days in living memory. And we celebrated a little bit longer and harder than we should have!

Sunday morning was a little bit tougher than hoped but once the banter started on our Gooner filled train journey along the south coast all the signs were there that it could be a fine day.

Brighton is very much a blue and white location but from the moment we arrived it was a total sea of red. The travelling army of Gooners were certainly up for making it one hell of a party. That of course would be completely spoilt if we didn’t get the result.

No matter how they go in all goals count the same but we definitely scored three crackers on the day. Theo’s fine control and finish calmed any nerves early on and despite our hosts giving us a tough afternoon I never felt like we wouldn’t come away ‎with the victory.

An absolutely fantastic day out and into the last 16 we go. This evening’s draw will determine where we go for our next cup adventure. 

Aston Villa join us in that hat and it’s them we face in our next outing on Sunday lunchtime. 

We seem to be gaining a bit of momentum right now, with some good results, good performances, injured players returning and activity in the transfer window. 

That needs to continue on Sunday.

Come on you mighty reds!



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