Strange Game, Strange Performance, Good Result

Wednesday 11th February 2015

We are all very much aware that above all else the three points are imperative. Especially I feel, after a defeat. And from a strangely disjointed and unconvincing performance at least we have come away with exactly that.

Discussions with fellow Gooner Ian on our journey into London, surrounded ‘how many’ rather than ‘will we win’. I couldn’t help but think back however, to our Christmas game at home to QPR. Similarly to the Foxes they were bottom if my memory serves me right but if nothing else that game proved anything can happen.

We took the three points with a 2-1 victory but almost identical to tonight our visitors came close late on to getting something from the game.

Were we lucky to win? Possibly a little. I’ll take that however, for all those times where we have come away from games with less than we deserved.

Everything else on the evening went pretty well. A smooth journey up and some fine Chinese tucker from the Arsenal Fish Bar all washed down with a fine pint or two of ale made sure of that.

The football on the other hand was at best frustrating, at worst downright poor. And it is difficult to work out why.

Certainly Leicester played well beyond where their league position suggests and this should be taken into account when forming analysis. I am also less than convinced playing one small man up front works, even if that player is Alexis Sanchez. For me we look a far better outfit with a bigger man in that position.

A win is a win however and fir that reason alone we have to be pleased. If the performance is poor, that is a massive and crucial ‘consolation’.

One thing is for sure we will need to play an awful lot better if we are to progress to the FA Cup Quarter Final by overcoming high flying Middlesbrough.

But tonight doesn’t change my opinion that we are well capable of doing just that.

Come on you reds!



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