Into the Last Eight

Sunday 15th February 2015

Love is in the air this weekend. Apparently. Does that mean it wasn’t on Friday? Or indeed it has now been put away again for another year? All I know is this time 12 months ago we were looking forward to the FA Cup quarter final draw. We all know what that led to…….and this afternoon we went one step closer to repeating that feat.

On a personal level it has been an extremely ‘heavy’ and very entertaining weekend. Plans suggested it might be but you never know whether that will come to fruition.

Around 4am on Saturday morning, stood in my sister’s kitchen with a lump of cheese in one hand, a glass of port in the other and a ‘springbok’ being prepared in the background, the whole scenario suggested those plans were well and truly approaching a situation that accurately supported those plans.

Certainly Saturday felt long and slightly painful.

A few beers with a good friend and fellow Gooner were on the cards later that day and I don’t mind admitting I was extremely happy to hear him say “I’m not really up for a heavy one tonight mate”!!

Consequently we enjoyed a couple of beers and went for a ‘Chinese’, not something particularly newsworthy or entertaining in normal circumstances but when our table for two was donned with a red rose and the only food available was their ‘Valentines Special’ it did prove to be slightly awkward and amusing.

London has some great pubs. Possibly the most obvious statement ever. But being such a big city, even the most Londony Londoners (!) wont have been to every one. Especially on match days when we all have our tried and tested routines.

Today a few of us decided to try one or two new ones down in The Strand/Charing Cross/Leicester Square part of our great capital city. Just to calm the FA Cup pre match nerves of course. And a good decision it was, a fine couple of hours before we made our way up to London N5 for the main event.

Leicester made it very very difficult for us on Tuesday night and they are bottom of the Premier League. Middlesbrough are currently sitting top of the Championship. Does that not make them a potentially even trickier opponent on paper? Especially given they turned Man City over on their own patch in the last round.

With all that in mind however, if we put in the kind of performance we know we are capable of, progression to the quarter finals was certainly well within our grasp.

Professional is probably the best word we can use. Throw in the word thoroughly and I think we are just about there.

To be honest, our visitors hardly had a sniff until injury time when the game was already over.

We weren’t stunning. But once Olly’s quickfire double put us in control we never looked like letting that lead slip.

That will do nicely and means we can all look forward to tomorrow evening’s quarter final draw.

Crystal Palace could have joined us in that hat…..but they are not. But they are our hosts next on our 2014-15 football journey.

On we go……

See you at Selhurst Park.



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