Monday 16th March 2015

Writing my blog in various different locations is very much part of the whole experience. Airports, trains, planes and boats have all played host to me reflecting down the years. On this occasion I wish you a very ‘bon matin’ from my hotel bed in Nice.

The way my head feels means my title for this piece feels apt for a different reason to its planned relevance too! Hardly surprising I guess when 35 of us arrived on the Mediterranean coast yesterday lunchtime in fine spirits after Saturday’s good victory.

On occasion a lot more logistical planning goes into attending matches than just jumping on the train and going straight to London N5. With our flight from Gatwick departing very early on Sunday morning this was one of those.

An early Saturday morning departure took us to Gatwick initially where we checked into our hotel and then headed up to our capital city for our latest London derby.

The fact I like an occasional pint is no secret of course and with my fellow Gooners all joining me in that passion, a very early Sunday flight departure had us stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to matchday refreshment!

That became even harder after we all witnessed a thoroughly professional and entertaining three-nil victory.

Overall it was a very comfortable win but until that 2nd goal you cannot help but feel the lead is little bit fragile.

Defensively we looked strong again I felt and it was fantastic to see Rambo looking back to his brilliant best. Man of the match for me however, was Olly. His goal was a cracker and he was involved in everything we did going forward.

Three more massive points to take with us and the inevitable celebrations meant it was a relatively painful Gatwick departure lounge for many yesterday morning.

Although the weather down here could hardly be called Mediterranean we spent yesterday enjoying the local fare and hospitality and that pretty much brings us up to date.

Apart from a picture I must share I feel. Our supporters club chairman is not known for his music taste (or is depending what way you view it). Late last night however, he turned into some strange dancing ‘groupie’. Nothing more needs to be said!



So Tuesday. Its half time and we are 3-1 down. We need to score 3 goals or we are out. Simples.

Come on you Gooners!



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