Tuesday 28th April 2015

Football banter and humour is unique. Clever and witty in many aspects, bordering on ‘wrong’ in others. Any actual ‘offense’ however, is usually a combination of a lack of understanding to this particular brand of amusement or just down to the receiver being slightly over sensitive. Our recent fixture at home to that club from the Russian quarter of Fulham has emphasized these facts completely.

Off the field, our friends and might I say thoroughly hardworking Gooners from ‘Redaction’ were planning to reveal their latest flag at the game, an amusing and hugely supportive example of football humour involving a player who is fast becoming our midfield ‘general’, Francis Coquelin. If you need to know more please go to Redaction’s Twitter feed but I feel it is a perfect example as to my opening gambit above.

From what I understand, AFC gave the go ahead before changing their minds at the eleventh hour. On this occasion however, I can see both sides to this argument. The football humour side makes it extremely amusing. The non-football fraternity however, in combination with the hugely sensitive world we live in right now, supports the club’s decision I feel. It would only have taken one ‘do-gooder’ for want of a better word and the club could have been dragged over the coals for allowing it to be displayed on the day. Personally, football humour would be my winner on this one….but I can understand why it wasn’t to be.

Our visitors came for a draw on Sunday. Fact. And I have absolutely no problem with that. Getting results is part of the game. No matter how much it proves detrimental to entertainment. No matter how much it costs us to watch the game. Their manager set his team out to gain a point (and more importantly prevent us from winning) and he got exactly what he wanted. No complaints from me, especially as a draw was no disaster for us either.

As a man however, its his total lack of class and respect for others than bugs me. Completely unnecessary, especially when his ability and tactical awareness would and could not ever be called into question.

‘Boring boring Chelsea’ echoed around the ground on Sunday afternoon. Fact or not, that’s football ‘banter’ for you Jose. Accept it with class, not by using it to attack and disrespect others.

Back when your club went up and down the league structure more often than the lifts at Covent Garden station, your stadium was one of the worst in the country and your club could only dream of the quite incredible success us Gooners were enjoying, we too had periods (well before Mr Wenger’s time) where winning things went hand in hand with a ‘boring’ tag. But you know what, we dealt with it by winning trophies with a smile. Not only that, we did it with the resources we made within the club. Not with a never ending pot of money that makes your life so so easy Jose.

Us Gooners are now looking forward. Over the last ten years we have planned, moved and now PAID FOR the best club stadium in London. During that time we have reached finals and semi-finals in all competitions, enjoyed Champions League football every single season, watched incredibly entertaining football week in week out and last year took that next step of picking up a bit of silverware. All this when not being able to compete with the spiralling wages overseas billionaires have created and needing to sell our best player each and every season when paying for our new home.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Russian money could have been given to run any club. But it was given to yours. That is the ONLY reason you are currently not the ‘Yo-Yo’ club you once were. I’m sure you are enjoying it but deep down I for one could not be happier that I am supporting a proper club run the correct way.

Surviving, competing and existing within the means you raise within. That’s what being a club is all about in my book. Victoria Concordia Crescit.

As for Sunday’s game there is not a huge amount to say about it. There were some big moment talking points of course but there always is. Overall however, our visitors came with a blanket defence and we couldn’t quite break it down, its as simple as that. Results elsewhere however, mean despite not getting the three points we craved, one will do.

TV dictates we get a free weekend next before we head up to the city of Kingston-Upon-Hull on Bank Holiday Monday. Our cup final opponents from last year are fighting for their Premier League lives right now so we have to fully expect an extremely tough encounter. A top four finish looks ours to lose but we are not over that line yet. Finishing in the top 3 is also a huge incentive so as to avoid that banana skin qualifier.

Fancy a Monday afternoon pint anyone?

Come on you mighty reds!



3 responses to “Choices”

  1. Monica Mason says :

    Very well said re Jose’s “total lack of class and respect for others”.
    Thank you for putting this into words; I really appreciate your blogs

  2. Grant says :

    Very well put mate!

  3. brian wilson says :

    Is that true – Arsensal have in fact paid for the Emirates Stadium ?
    I thought I read it would take 25 years to pay off.

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