Monday May 2015

Not a d‎isaster but massively important and d’you know what? Disappointing. And those feelings are probably what lacked from our performance. We’re home and dry for that Champions League (qualifier) position apparently….and based on that result we are the first to give up on anything better.

One of my best mates said to me before a ball was kicked “it’s no good tearing Hull apart one week if you lose at home to Swansea the next!” So so true unfortunately.

Monday night football is not ideal. Certainly for nothing more than the TV viewer‎. But hey – ho that’s not exactly something new! If you are a home and away Gooner in fact it’s kinda of ok.

Not tonight though.

‎A cracking night off the pitch. A few beers and a bit of sunshine but the whole affair had a feel of complacency.

Late season games can be epic. Hot, sweaty, needy, the whole nine yards.‎

But tonight had none of that.

I don’t think we played that badly. Nor did Swansea. But….it was a rubbish game. And we lost.

End of.

See you at Old Trafford.

@stubbsy 70‎


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