One Point Closer

Tuesday 19th May 2015

Three times we have been to Manchester this season and each time we have come away with something positive. I haven’t checked the facts but it must be a while where the three games have yielded two wins and a draw. We’ve played better than Sunday of course but a point was very satisfying nonetheless.

We had to be confident we could come away with something surely. Despite our defeat on Monday night we have been playing consistently well and had won in that part of Manchester already this season. Man Utd away however, is and always will be one of our toughest fixtures of the season. Couple that with the fact our hosts would have been confident they could nick that automatic champions league spot had they beaten us and it emphasizes even more that it is definitely a point gained rather than two dropped.

As seems to have been the case on a number of occasions this season my personal plans were a little bit different from the norm, a wedding in Kent on the Saturday meaning an early and rather fragile departure by train to join a mid morning departure from London Euston that was absolutely packed to the rafters. Fortunately I had a reserved seat but having to stand all the way to Manchester with the fares Virgin Trains charge is ridiculous in my book.

With a mix of southern based Man U fans and travelling Gooners making up the most of the passengers, it proved to be an entertaining journey, plenty of amusing light hearted banter and discussion about all things football making the time pass extremely quickly. I must also offer my thanks to the Gooners around me who kindly shared their ‘refreshment’ when getting to the onboard ‘shop’ was far from easy!

What has become our usual Manchester pre-match hostelry played host again as we look forward to the main event. A short and convenient taxi and it was game on.

Although by the letter of the law these days, enjoying a few pints before a football match can almost be ‘risky’, I am prepared to admit on Sunday I had taken part in such an activity. In fact I’m also prepared to admit, given the previous day’s entertainment, my friends’ hospitality on the journey up and enjoying pre-match at our last away game of the season, I may have enjoyed one or three too many. But I am very ‘happy’ in this condition, I offer no threat to anyone and I was a long long way from being able to look after myself or from knowing what I was doing. Those who have attended games with me all over the world during the last 35 years or so will confirm that.

But I do like a good sing…….and I do like it when we play in yellow. 🙂

We deserved to be a goal behind at half time, I don’t think anyone can deny that. Our hosts enjoyed the best of the half and all of the few chances so I feel it was a fair reflection.

Slowly in the second period however, we took the game by the scruff of the neck and looked the team far more likely to score. With the clock ticking however, our opportunity appeared to be fading. Then Theo dropped the shoulder and his cross deflected home. Fortunate? Yes. But we’ll take it and the jostle in the away end was as fierce as expected.

On more than one occasion in the latter stages we could have even nicked it but overall it is difficult to argue it wasn’t a fair result on the day. A point will definitely do, especially as we were behind with less than ten minutes to go.

Another journey over land & sea comes to an end.

Another journey over land & sea comes to an end.

Our job is not completely done yet of course. In fact we have so so much more to play for.

That starts as we entertain Sunderland, desperate to get something from their trip to the Home of Football on Wednesday evening. Last Monday showed anything can happen if you don’t take the opportunities your dominance creates.

Enough of a warning surely.

Come on you mighty reds!



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