Peter Kay’s Car Share

Friday 22nd May 2015

One goal scored and two points gained from our last nine looks like a total disaster on paper. Admittedly its not ideal but if we avoid a mathematical catastrophe on Sunday a top three place has been secured. Without boring you with a phrase I’m sure you have all heard a thousand times over the last few days, if someone had offered that at Christmas we would have bitten their hand off.

For most of us, the season’s ticket applications, travel plans etc. are finally dying down…….or so you would have thought. Last minute scrambling and desperate searching for any remaining cup final tickets is more the reality of course, a situation that would be far less intense if the FA were to finally catch up with the modern world and the whole of football who agree that both the participating clubs should receive the majority of the tickets. I read this week Norwich have been given just under 40 thousand tickets for their play-off final this weekend. How is that fair when the 2 clubs in the FA Cup Final still, after all these years of everyone knowing it is so so wrong, receive only 24 odd thousand?!

The FA ‘need’ a showpiece game apparently. One where everyone in the FA ‘family’ get a chance to attend. There is an easy solution. Make it the Community Shield. Although still well supported, many teams’ fans are not ‘desperate’ to attend this fixture. You only need to look at how few Man City brought to the game in August last year to realise that! By making this change the cup final match tickets will end up in the hands of those that deserve to go. Not a referee’s mum from a Sunday League in Cumbria.

Along with this, recent announcements have meant a huge amount of time has been dedicated to applications and collation for the Asia Trophy in Singapore, the Emirates Cup, the Emirates FA Cup Final Screening, Season ticket renewals, Silver/Red/Family renewals in addition to various aspects of running our own Maidstone Arsenal Supporters Club. Quiet?! You’ve got to be kidding!

So a trip up to London N5 to watch our penultimate league game was almost a welcome break from the admin side to being a Gooner!

Against Swansea, as frustrating as it was, I felt we were extremely unlucky to get beaten. I think everyone would agree. On Wednesday night, although once again it is quite incredible that we didn’t score, our visitors had clear cut opportunities in the second half on the break and for that reason alone I genuinely believe a point was probably about right.

Despite all our possession and half chances the first half was pretty uninspiring if we are honest but I’d be wrong if I wasn’t confident that at some stage we would eventually break Sunderland down in the second period. Our visitors certainly put their bodies on the line and for their dogged determination and defending I offer my admiration. The fact the result they craved does not directly affect our situation also makes it far easier to swallow. Frustrating yes, but I’ve left a game far far more disappointed than Wednesday, on more than one occasion!

So why have I chosen the title for this particular piece?

Well, when being asked if the game was on the TV by someone who couldn’t attend on Wednesday I received the reply, “I’ll miss Peter Kay’s Car Share!” Although personally I will concede it is definitely one of the funnier programmes to have been launched in recent times (in my opinion), it probably goes some way to revealing the kind of Gooner I am when, even with the benefit of hindsight, I would still have rather been at a nil-nil Wednesday night draw with Sunderland!

We’ve played West Brom last game of the season before, in a recent season in fact. I remember that being both one of the most entertaining and nerve wracking days of my Gooner supporting life. A real rollercoaster of emotion. I don’t really expect this Sunday’s affair to be along those lines…..but being our last chance to follow the usual home matchday routine for another season, I am thoroughly looking forward to it as ever.

Enjoy the day boys and girls.




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