A Non Start

Sunday 9th August 2015

There’s absolutely no way I would want to take anything away from West Ham when writing these notes. They thoroughly deserved their victory. It’s as simple as that. Our own lacklustre performance however, is a trifle worrying.

Despite our impressive and successful pre-season I had a bad feeling about our opener. Not because I am negative. In fact my positivity is that strong that I am often accused of seeing things through rose tinted glasses‎. But I definitely felt that everywhere there was an air of inevitability about the result. That we needed to simply turn up and we would win comfortably.

Of course I was confident that on the pitch it would be very different and we would be ready. All the more reason why I find everything from today a little puzzling amongst all the disappointment.

Glorious sunshine and those match day journeys and routines that we all miss so much during the Summer months were back and the discussions and banter with fellow long time friends and Gooners was probably the best part of the day. I would rather be saying they were an enjoyable part of the whole experience though.

We did have our moments of course and if we had taken the lead things could have been different. But overall, on the day we were poor and our visitors seized the opportunity to make the very most of it.

It might seem very obvious but the most important thing when you are not playing well is to avoid conceding. But today we let in 2 extremely sloppy and avoidable goals. Again, there is no other way to describe them.

Whenever we go into the last 15 o‎r 20 minutes needing a goal, especially at home, I always feel confident we can get one. Our constant pressure and movement always suggests that door will eventually be knocked down. Not today though.

Today's performance doesn't suggest this little snippet from the matchday programme is likely to change.

Today’s performance doesn’t suggest this little snippet from the matchday programme is likely to change.

So, we were sloppy, lethargic, offensively lacking in ideas and penetration and on the day, easy to beat in our own back yard.

Not a summary I thought I would be writing.

Things can (and will I’m sure) get better.

That needs to start at Selhurst Park in a week’s time.

Keep the faith.



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