Off or Not?

Monday 24th August 2015

If I don’t finish these notes before my train reaches its destination then it will be Tuesday. And that is not my home. Unless I want to get in at 4am it’s a hotel for me tonight. For a home game. On a Monday. I’m not complaining but that is the kind of stuff and more importantly costs we have to endure when TV move our game from its weekend slot. 

Not a game for the purists tonight I feel, especially in the first half.

It was quite exciting admittedly but the mistakes far outweighed the opportunities created by brilliant football. And how it finished nil-nil is beyond me.

The news both our regular centre halves were missing was a little worrying but it was also a fantastic opportunity to see how our other options would cope against a good side.

And the word I would use in the first period is ‘nervous’. 

We started pretty well I felt and I understand TV replays have offered evidence our goal was wrongly ruled out for off side. Although it is impossible to know how either game would have panned out if the officials made the correct decision, you could argue that is 4 points Liverpool have already picked up due to bad refereeing mistakes. Not particularly impressive that.

Saying that, our nervous defensive display in the first period saw us go in at half time grateful to our goalkeeper for at least 2 world class saves. 

They are within the rules though. And so was our ‘goal’.

We needed to control more of the play in the second half and in particular not give the ball and away so cheaply and we did this far better I think. 

Dominating possession, probing and pushing for a winner, striking the woodwork and missing the opportunities that can our way meant we come away with just a point for our efforts.

Disappointing of course but if after our opening day defeat we can take a positive it comes in that old football adage, if you can’t win the game then don’t lose it.

That game has gone now so we look forward to Newcastle away on Saturday lunchtime.

That means a hotel on Friday for me and a hotel on Saturday too. But that’s ok because everyone who doesn’t attend can watch it on the telly Saturday lunchtime. 

Bitter? Not me 🙂

I have nothing against showing football live on the TV. But just on the odd occasion it would be nice if when looking at the location of the two clubs they considered the attending fans for once.

Come on you mighty reds.



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