Possession and Understanding

Sunday 30th August 2015

The captain of my flight back south has advised we will have a cruising height of 23 thousand feet. I’ve never really understood why us passengers are always told that and exactly what relevance it has. I couldn’t give two hoots how high we are flying as long as he is happy and gets me home safely.

Then again there are many things in life I don’t get. Like why if you take everything that has been said about yesterday’s victory you’d think we’d lost.

We’ve gone to Newcastle, dominated the game without being particularly fantastic, kept our discipline when it was extremely obvious Mclaren had sent his team out to kick lumps out of us, kept a clean sheet and secured those all important 3 points.

Am I wrong to be happy with that?

Flying to both Newcastle and Sunderland away has become the norm for me in recent years but it was an early old departure yesterday morning that made it a very long (and entertaining) day.



But it was a warm and sunny north-east that met us when we stepped off the plane just after 8am, not something that is always the case! And a short cab ride had us in our host city in time for a bit of brekkie. That ‘lining’ for the entertaining events ahead.

Newcastle is a good city. Full of passion, welcome and considerable hospitality. And a football club and stadium smack bang in the middle. Of the grounds we regularly visit that feels kind of unique and consequently the atmosphere on match day has an altogether different buzz about it.

We chose to have our breakfast in a cafe. And then we went to Wetherspoons. 9.45 am is a bit early for a beer I guess but we had been up since 5 and were thirsty! And that brings me nicely to another ‘law’ I don’t really understand.

The bar staff couldn’t serve us a pint until 10am unless we ordered food. So if you munched on some muesli you could drink a bottle of vodka. But if you just wanted a pint it was a no go! Ridiculous.

Despite Rich asking for a pint and a slice of toast it wasn’t happening. So you were left with the ridiculous situation of the bar 2 deep with people all waiting for that 10 o’clock ‘bell’.

An hour later we heading to our usual pre match haunt in the city and very soon it was time to join the thousands making their way to the ground.

And that means the exhausting climb to the away end up in the clouds.



It was to prove a strange game. Our possession was good and lengthy as we’ve almost come to expect and until the sending off we looked at our sharpest. It’s slightly odd to summarise that we were definitely at our most dangerous before our hosts went down to 10 men.

Petr Cech had probably his quietest game ever, we should have been awarded a stonewall penalty and we created all the chances, Theo probably the most guilty of not taking them.

But with patience we got that all important goal and the massive 3 points. That’ll do. I’ll have that.

August bank holiday Saturday, just after pay day and the Geordies being at home, it was always going to be a lively old night out. And it was. And we thoroughly made the most of it. With those 3 points neatly stashed away in the back pocket.



Bringing nicely back to the present. I have a headache. Naturally. And the turbulence on my flight is not helping the nausea.

But it’s bank holiday tomorrow. So I’m going to be hardcore with the pain and take in Victorious Festival in Southsea for the day. It would be rude not to I feel.

Enjoy the first of this year’s international break guys n dolls and i’ll see you in London N5 when we entertain Stoke.

Victoria Concordia Crescit



One response to “Possession and Understanding”

  1. Martin O'Donnell says :

    I enjoyed yesterday. No drama on the pitch, an easy game for us . Amazed that Newcastle showed no passion for most of the game. Caught some rays and enjoyed meeting all of our members as I dished out the tickets, which I seldom do these days. Back home by 5.30 as its just a short drive across the Border for me. A good day out!

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