We are Invincible

Sunday 27th September 2015

Apart from the expected ‘misty’ head this Sunday morning the quite beautiful weather matches our performance yesterday.

Some people could call Leicester’s tactics a little naive against an Arsenal side that will always take advantage of the space an attacking policy creates. One thing’s for sure though, it certainly makes for incredible entertainment.

Again I had a slightly different matchday, a weekend visit to good friends and fellow Gooners meaning my journey started early on Saturday morning with a sausage sarnie on Royston station.

Changing at Cambridge the fun started there. A busy Saturday, big sporting events taking place all across the Midlands meant it was understandably busy. I’m old enough to remember the days of British Rail. It wasn’t perfect admittedly but not only would such a train consisted of 6 or more carriages, on busy days extra trains would be laid on.

We live in a world of privatisation now of course and Cross Country Trains provided a massive 2 coach effort. Brilliant. Travel is not cheap. Disgraceful that yet again many had to stand for their entire journey.

Standing room only

Standing room only

Tom and I were fortunate, we managed to grab a couple of seats but whilst we enjoyed our first refreshment of the day I’m not going to say travelling with a stranger’s behind 2 inches from my earhole is altogether particularly pleasant!

The sun drenched city of Leicester was soon upon us and the build up was enjoyed in a number of hostelries before passing the location of Filbert Street on route to the King Power Stadium for what was to be a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours.

Sun and goals

Sun and goals

The game had ‘goals’ written all over it from minute one and it was a case of making sure we got more than they did.

Defensively our hosts’ opener was disappointing but he certainly took it well. To equalise so quickly after, especially as the Foxes had just hit the woodwork, was crucial. Theo finished well on the end of a fine move.

Once Alexis tapped home his first Leicester had to come at us even more and in the 2nd period it was all about taking one of the many chances we created. Cue yet another awesome pass from Mesut and Alexis nodded in number 3.

His 3rd had the travelling Gooners delirious and Oly’s good and hopefully confidence building finish put the icing on the cake.

A fantastic end to what has been a great week ever since the disappointment of the Chelsea debacle.

Considering some were mentioning words such as ‘crisis’ we are sitting quite well in 2 competitions.

To make that 3 Tuesday is an absolute must win game.

Come on you mighty reds!



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