When the Excuses Run Out

Wednesday 30th September 2015

We should have beaten Zagreb away and we should have done the same to Olympiacos at home. Yet we sit here with zero points from those 2 games. One defeat from those we can perhaps offer the odd excuse. If we claim to be banging on the doors of success in the 2 biggest competitions we enter however, we need to sit down and re-evaluate.

I can accept after a couple of big games over the last 7 days if we look a bit ‘jaded’. But if the first goal we conceded tonight was a tad unfortunate, the 2nd was a mistake of schoolboy proportions and the 3rd was total and utter naivety.

Despite everything that happened in the first hour or so we could and should have come out with a win.

For the first time since the opening 10 minutes we looked sharp and creative and after coming close on numerous occasions, Alexis headed home at the end of the best move of the match. With plenty of time on the clock the momentum was finally with us.

But, not for the first time, especially in this competition, we lost our discipline and defensive shape and found ourselves back to square one. And after experiencing that situation so many times we simply cannot offer any excuses.

Not just frustrating but intensely annoying and it was that emotion you could very much sense all around the stadium.

We kept banging on the door of course but we gave ourselves far too much to do with very little time to achieve it.

We have left ourselves with a huge mountain to climb and although the optimist in me still believes we are just about still in it, tonight’s performance suggests it will be an unlikely and unexpected turnaround.

Our season feels like ‘good week, bad week’ right now and the way we all feel today is a million miles away from how we felt coming out of the King Power Stadium on Saturday or indeed the Lane last week.

Those two performances proved we can do it and it’s that we must all take into Sunday when we host the current League leaders.

Keep the faith Gooners.



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