Sunday 4th October 2015

A fellow traveller has just advised me he was a little surprised we made the same train as him, especially as he ‘only just made it’. He then informed me he only just about had time to ‘get himself a sandwich’!! That’s not just about making it!!

Me not getting a sarnie is probably the only bad thing about what has been a fine day. And maybe it was the spring in my step that has me writing these notes on the train that is the icing on the cake. I might even have time to pick up a celebratory Ruby Murray when I get home.

And I wouldn’t have fancied that had I enough time to pick up a sarnie 🙂

We were all seriously down after Tuesday. It wasn’t just the defeat but the fact it was a ridiculous situation we know we could and should of avoided.

All in all though I had quite a good feeling about today. Not because of Tuesday or the fact our visitors are on a good run themselves. But over the last fortnight we have also demonstrated we can be very good on our day.

And knowing we needed to be on fire from the off probably worked to our benefit.

Tuesday hurt. But today it was nice to witness it quite obviously hurt our team too. And boy, did our opponents pay for it.

In the first 20 minutes we were irresistible. It’s as simple as that. It wasn’t just the goals but the way we wanted that ball so so much more than them.

Most home games we dominate the first 15 to 20 minutes. But if our opponents come through that unscathed the day can become tougher and tougher. Today we made our domination count and then some.

I’m not someone who gloats. The range of emotions us fans go through is incredible. So I take the rough with the smooth.

But do you know what? I hope after 20 minutes you Mancs were hurting. I’ve enjoyed some good days against you lot of course but I’ve also endured those days where you’ve spanked us. Today was your turn.

And don’t think because you enjoyed the lion’s share of the 2nd half today you deserved something from the game. You were well and truly spanked today.

Like any League game, it’s only 3 points of course but we’ll take them and very much enjoy the highlights when we get home. Make no mistake, we were stunning going forward today and strong, disciplined and professional at the back.

Amazing considering Tuesday night’s display.

Our start has been average. Apparently. I get that opinion. But in a league that never fails to surprise it’s certainly not been a disaster.

And…..as I sit here looking forward to my curry, we go into the October international break in 2nd spot and right in amongst it. That’s alright that is.

Today was simply awesome.

And I never did want that sandwich 🙂




One response to “Sweet”

  1. Martin O'Donnell says :

    Stubbsy!, Do you reckon we are focusing on the Prem this season and the CL is more of a cup run? Does that explain why we performed badly v Zagreb and Olympiakos and yet played so well at full strength v Leicester and United. Even at Newcastle we totally dominated. Is this a serious push for the Title as we are far short of talent for the Champions league? Could this be the plan as it would explain a lot of recent events?

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