Good morning Bavaria

Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Lufthansa is an airline I have used a few times now. I like them. Unsurprisingly they give off an air of efficiency. But one thing really amuses me. A few years back a slight delay was described as due to ‘London’s inability to get us away on time’!! And any delays being due to a fault in England has been a regular occurrence ever since!

Yesterday it was mentally foggy. In England and from what I understand all over Europe, including Germany. Naturally, it caused delays and cancellations. But as we departed a satisfactory (all things considered) 45 minutes late, an apology was offered. ‘Sorry for the delay ladies and gentlemen, this is due to the weather London has managed to produce’! Priceless.

The in flight magazine offered something new. I have never been on a plane where you could purchase not only the usual perfumes, jewellery and souvenirs but a hedge trimmer, washing machine and a trampoline. Not a Toblerone in sight though. That’s just not on.

Nothing that a few in flight ‘Warsteiners’ couldn’t sort out of course!

Delay!? What delay!?

Delay!? What delay!?

Given how many flights were cancelled or seriously delayed, arriving slightly later than scheduled into an equally foggy Munich was definitely no inconvenience and once our jolly airport to hotel transfer lady efficiently got us to our destination and we’d checked in all was extremely rosy.



I’ve mentioned before I am totally aware of how fortunate I am to be in a position to follow my team over land and sea but I am writing these notes lying in a bed in Munich. And my eyes and head are unsurprisingly sore.

My plans for all European trips follow a similar pattern and have done for many years. If we are playing on a Wednesday I try and leave early Tuesday morning and come back Thursday evening and if we play on a Tuesday leave Sunday back Wednesday evening.

There is some personal logic to those plans including wanting to avoid being in the air during 9 til 5 work hours as much as possible, leaving room for error if any delays are experienced and giving time to enjoy the sights and sounds our host city has to provide.

Living on an island as I have done for 5 years or so now throws up its own transport challenges, one of which being if you take an early morning flight it is likely you will need to stay overnight somewhere before you fly. The ‘middle of the night’ ferry options are a little bit limited you see.

This trip was one I found so rather than stay in one of those soul destroying airport hotels I put it to our travelling party of 12 that we take a Monday night flight and consequently ‘wake up’ in Munich on Tuesday morning.

That seemed a great idea on paper.

Until the nearest bar to our hotel stayed open until 5am.

Needing to be awake at 9am UK time latest……that was always going to hurt.

And despite the gloriously blue sky I can see out of my hotel window, it does.

That’s rock and roll I guess.

A life not fulfilled is one not worth living.

Wack that on my gravestone when time runs out please someone!

The Bavarian city of Munich awaits.

And in 24 hours time it is matchday.

Over land and sea.



One response to “Good morning Bavaria”

  1. Grant says :

    You just couldn’t resist could you!
    I’m on my way flight on time permitting and my plans of sobriety and straight to the Allianz are wining already, having been forcibly told by a fellow travelling Gooner that I may as well watch it at home if I don’t go to a Beer Keller first….charming!
    See you later mate.

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