Orbs of Joy

Thursday 5th November 2015

Remember Remember…..I’d rather forget it if I can!

Knowing that we have seen our team defend extremely well at times this season makes being taken apart in the Allianz Arena all the more difficult to take. They can do it. They’ve proved it. But at times last night we looked like we were playing together for the very first time.

Yet again it has been a marvellously entertaining trip off the pitch. To be fair they are rarely anything else.

Tuesday we did the culture bit with a walk through a sun drenched city and to one of the outdoor bars in the huge ‘Englisch Garten’. A lazy lunch and few beers got us back in the mood after Monday night’s exploits and consequently preceded an equally lively old night in one of the city’s many hostelry offerings.



Matchday arrived with the usual delicacy and on this occasion we joined the German Gooners in one of the most traditional bierkellers in the city. And as a result the pre match build up was enjoyed with gusto.

The Allianz Arena is hugely impressive inside and out, the latter in particular on night games.

It does feel like a fair old trek to get there though. Alright as a ‘one-off’ but I can’t help but feel if we hadn’t been able to find a location so near to Highbury and ended up with a similar situation to our hosts, getting to every home game would be frustrating and irritating.

Not so cultured

Not so cultured

As always the travelling Gooners were large in numbers and noise.

It is extremely difficult, downright impossible in fact, to claim anything other than we were well beaten when you lose 5-1.

But along with the things we did badly, there were some snippets of good going forward and we definitely didn’t have the rub of the green either.

The opener was millimetres from being offside, our ‘equaliser’ could definitely have gone in our favour on another day. The 2nd took a deflection and the killer 3rd might have been a foul in Santi.

Santi could and should have scored and we did create other good opportunities, especially in the second half.

Not excuses, but fact.

The other fact however, is we were extremely poor defensively and beaten by a better side on the night.

Olympiacos’ late winner (again) was the final kick in the proverbials and it means we need a minor miracle to progress.

So, extremely disappointing but these Euro trips are always little orbs of joy and we rarely let any disappointing result spoil the fun off the pitch.

Football humour and that love of a jolly prevails, “we’ll do you in the final” one such comment heard on that lengthy walk back to the metro.

Each time we have lost in this season’s disappointing Champions League campaign we have bounced back immediately in our next game.

Once again that is hugely important as we welcome our ‘friends’ from Middlesex on Sunday.

Keep the faith.



2 responses to “Orbs of Joy”

  1. Martin O'Donnell says :

    Always the optimist, I am sticking with the plan that we were always going to lose to one of the best teams in Europe. So the next two games have to be won. Olympiakos are at Munich next so we expect them to lose and we MUST beat Zagreb at Home, leaving us with another ‘win by two goals’ or die trying’ finale to the group. At least it makes my first trip to Athens more meaningful than it did before we beat Munich at Home a few weeks ago. Its not meant to be easy but we always seem to make it ever more difficult for ourselves.

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