Monday 28th December 2015

My last blog of the year….and least it is on the back of a win.

And if I look at the year 2015 it is yet another one where we have a trophy next to our name. Don’t forget that Gooners. Many of us do. A little too easily.

Tonight was important. For so so many reasons. To bounce back after our Boxing Day trouncing. To prove it was a defeat we can deal with on and off the field. To make sure we don’t lose ground at the top of the league. All that.

Off the field it was certainly irrelevant pre match. We had arranged a kind of Christmas mid London ‘crawl’ you see. We certainly weren’t gonna cancel it just because we got spanked down in Southampton!

Given the only time we played The Cherries at home was October 1987 it has been my easiest blog so far to reminisce. I was at the game. But if I’m honest I don’t really remember it. Talking to a couple of my friends tonight they challenged me to name the scorers in our 3 nil win. I could guess of course…..but to have named Smudger, Kevin Richardson and Micky Thomas would have been pure luck.

It was part of a run to Wembley of course and a game against Luton where to this day I still scratch my head as to how we managed to lose. But we did. It’s in the record books.

One Kenny Sansom

One Kenny Sansom

Back to the present and the current Bournemouth play extremely good football. We knew that already. And we were a little bit ‘vulnerable’. But on the night we done ok.

We were professional, defended extremely well when they had the ball and scored the two goals that were enough to secure those extremely important three points.

And d’you know what?! That’ll do.

I feel slightly guilty for writing another relatively short blog. But again, there is little more to say.

I will mention a conversation on the tube though. A Bournemouth fan was loudly claiming his team had been a little unlucky. I said to him if I concede you had a couple of speculative efforts in the first ten minutes and quite a lot of possession would you accept you didn’t have a single shot in the remaining 80 minutes?

His mate stepped in and admitted I had a point.

But that’s it. For 20 years we have enjoyed the majority of possession. And you don’t always win. I apologise for sounding so condescending to the Premier League newcomers but it is all about adjusting your game as and when required. It has taken a long time for us to do that on a regular basis but this season has seen us do just that more than once. And successfully too.

The best team won today, it’s as simple as that.

The Geordies are next. Saturday. 3 o’clock.

Their long long journey home needs to be empty handed. Not me being nasty to our friends from the north east. Just the way it needs to be as we continue our push.

2016 awaits.

A Happy new year to each and every one of you.

Frank x


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