Grinding it Out

Sunday 3rd January 2016

Did we deserve all 3 points today? Possibly not? But do you feel guilty? If you do then you are forgetting all the times we’ve come out of games (and often slated our team as a result) after dominating and coming away with nothing.

We weren’t at our best but we were dogged and persistent. And in the end we ground out a massive result. Three points first. The frilly bits second please. Every time.

Thinking a little deeper about these kind of games it could be considered a little bit odd that I’m absolutely ecstatic with the result. Happy with three points, yes. But over the moon, possibly a little bit over the top.

But we have all been there. Very pleased with the way we have played but absolutely pig sick that we came away with nothing. And all the criticism and ‘we are shite’ stuff that comes with it, no matter how well we played or what we deserved.

So days like today are alright with me.

Back in December 2000 we beat the Geordies 5 nought. The Romford Pele bagged himself a hat trick and it was a thumping victory on the day.

In this particular blog’s reminiscing section I’m not particularly proud of the facts as to why I have chosen it! But, officially, it was definitely the most drunk I have ever been at a home game!

I remember up to goal number 3……but that’s about it. I had very long hair at the time and as my mates ‘helped’ me back to our post match transport I do have a distant memory of somebody calling out, “I’ll have a pint of what she’s had”.

The Geordies were led by the late Bobby Robson back then and relied on the talents of the likes of Alan Shearer, Shay Given, Robert Lee, Gary Speed and Nobby Solano whilst the programme notes confirm some things have changed very little. Bayern Munich were one of our Champions League opponents that year and just like today Malcolm Macdonald was interviewed about life in red…& black…& white.

Good day for Romford

Good day for Romford

Looking back, my antics weren’t big and it weren’t clever. And I’d like to say sorry to Ray Parlour for missing his great goal haul on the day. But……I was in Bremen when you scored and even better triple Raymond!! 😉

Today, considering the weather and reports from some fellow Gooners, went very smoothly for me. On time trains, satisfactory tucker, a good few beers and avoiding the vast majority of the rain meant it all worked well.

And with a good result too, i’ll take that.

Heading home South West Trains have done well yet again though. A four coach train on a very busy line, on a very busy Saturday evening meaning many had to stand the whole way for their ridiculously overpriced ticket. And the ‘not enough rolling stock’ bollocks doesn’t wash when your train passes all the dozens of units parked up in the sidings doing nothing.

But, overall, that doesn’t scrape the surface when it comes to any effort to try and spoil my day.

I love going to football. And I love going to support my team a huge amount more. And I got all that today.

Next we try and start on the road to defending a trophy we won in 2014 and is still sat in our cabinet.

If those last 2 years are not enough to whet your appetite for the world’s greatest cup competition, you are in the wrong job.

Happy New Year folks……still top of the lot.



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