Sunday 24th January 2016

Hundreds and hundreds of messages I’ve had. And I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to sum them all up. There are very few positive slants (understandably) but other than that summary, there’s not an awful lot of views that would fall into the level headed view section either.

Chelsea are full of talented, mentally paid, ‘couldn’t give a shite where I play as long as It’s the highest wages’ players. And this season has proved they turn up for work as and when they can be bothered. Not playing for the badge is something we have all needed to get used to in this country.

But, no matter what we think, playing against a team that are not particularly fond of you demands you turn up.

I thought we did today. But, when taking the game to a side like Chelsea you have to be ready for getting caught on the break.

That’s all well and good.

But if you commit to a challenge that if you miss, you will get sent off, we have to accept that. Simples. And, unfortunately for us, that happened.

Amongst all the frustration I can’t help but write about my mindset. Yes, down to ten men, it’s very very difficult. But it was still nil nil. Give me nil nil at half time. Regroup and go again.

That didn’t happen.

And I was negative beyond belief at half time.

I still thought we could turn it around of course. You know how positive I am. But. Just but.

It’s a disappointing day. Very. But, does it mean it’s all over? Of course not.

Enjoy your week.

See you on Saturday as we attempt to continue our incredible FA Cup run.

Keep the faith.



2 responses to “Rotten”

  1. Martin O'Donnell says :

    Like you I thought we needed to find that drive following the sending off and up to a point it was there. But I had the feeling that even if we had eleven men we were never going to score. Things improved with Sanchez tearing up their defence a little bit. But it was not to be. The players with the best chances, Flamini, Kos and Ramsay just do not possess the killer instinct in those situations. Overall I am happy that we played well in difficult circumstances. We never bottled it. The feeling was the same as Paris or in the Camp Nou with ten men. Maybe not on the same scale but you get what I mean. Circumstances doing us again.

    Everyone thinks Per lifted his head to look for the linesman, Titi14 included. But I think he knew what was going to happen. His sights were on ball contact but for a nanosecond he was looking to see where Kos was and if he could possibly be last man. At that point the BFG knew he was taking one for the team as Costas would almost certainly have scored. He knew he would get the ball but he also knew he might probably get the Man and that meant he had no decision to make. It was all or nothing. Now we can all say as we sit in our seats that perhaps Cech may have saved the day, but a defender in that position has to make the call as he see’s it. I think he made the right choice, tough as it was. Costas did not score then.

    Sure he scored minutes later but Per would not have been in that marking zone and we had two quality on duty at that time.

    Its a sore one , we lost a battle but the War continues.

  2. Mark Lilley says :

    Watching the match on TV gave a different picture when it first happened. The BFG had to make a split second decision and took a chance. Costa did make it look much worse but then most players would have done exactly the same. I don’t like this part of the game but up to referees to sort it out. Arsenal would always struggle from this point on but they never gave up which I am most impressed about the team this season.

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