Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Can u imagine how we would have felt had we won 4-1?

And I would love to be writing this blog with that behind me. But I’m not. Due to unbelievable goalkeeping? Bad luck?

Nope. We went through the same motions as Sunday.

Tonight was our chance.

For West Ham to do us all a favour. And for us to prove we are still right in there.

But we were poor again. I challenge anyone to tell me otherwise.

Short blog.

See you on Saturday.



2 responses to “Poor”

  1. Martin O'Donnell says :

    In a season where the usual favourites, Chelsea and City have failed.

    Where the media darlings, United and Liverpool have failed again,

    Where the only challenge is coming from Leicester and spurz .

    And yet we have still managed to cock it up over and over again. We will never get a better chance to win the league. We should be some ten points clear by now, ordering up the open top bus and accepting lavish praise from the media.

    The style of play is just too predictable. Most decent teams can stop us scoring and we are far too naïve to combat the breakaway attacks.

    Spurz have a busy run in, Leicester will wobble at some point. We CAN still win this title but we have to stop messing about with lesser teams and we must have a plan B for a more direct attacking option when our usual plan is seen to be failing.

  2. Paul says :

    I can’t ever remember feeling lower as a fan since the mid 80’s. This was our time, this team has grown and it felt like we were on the cusp of something great, then since Christmas something has been missing. Desire and work rate has been sadly lacking and also we look totally impotent. The defence was finally looking more solid but now that has let us down as well. I am so gutted as it looks like Wenger’s reign is going to end in bitterness and defeat, but I really cannot see how he can continue after this. The league will be tougher next year and any top level players will get snapped up by the usual suspects so can see us falling behind the big guns once more. So it really is feeling like the end of an era.

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