Grit & Pride

Sunday 6th March 2016

Yesterday’s match was being described as the biggest North London derby for decades. I’m sorry but I’m not having that. It might have been viewed that way by our opponents. But their 2 games against us every season are their biggest.

For us a game back in Spring 2002 was bigger. And at the end of it we were League Champions. Games in April 1993 and the same month in 2001 were bigger too. At the end of them we were in the FA Cup Final. I won’t even mention 1971.

Even in January 2014 there was a bigger game and it started a run that saw us pick up a trophy in May.

The reason? Because they all meant something. They all were games where once we had been victorious something even bigger either awaited or was achieved.

Yesterday our hosts had the chance to briefly go top of the league. Quite an achievement for many a generation of Tottenham fans. But, against 10 men, even having taken the lead, that didn’t happen.

At least they can soften the blow by purchasing the latest DVD release that we presume will follow taking a point against the Arsenal.

Two days before Christmas 1978 our hosts from Middlesex enjoyed our company for the first time since getting promoted, having gone through the embarrassment of spending the previous season in Division 2.

"Because of Boxing Day"

“Because of Boxing Day”

The day is remembered fondly by us Gooners of course as a Spurs side containing such ‘legends’ as Ardiles and Hoddle were thoroughly spanked 5 nil. Alan Sunderland bagged a fine hat-trick and Frank Stapleton also got on the scoresheet. Even more memorable of course is THAT goal by Chippy Brady.

Coming back to the present and we’ve had a bad week. Now the dust has settled the Man United game was not only disappointing but worrying. We were poor and appeared to lack desire, fight and bottle.

Although we also lacked something on Wednesday, luck definitely went against us too.

But yesterday I left the ground with a huge amount of pride.

View for us Gooners

View for us Gooners

We needed a reaction for so many reasons. To regain a little confidence, to prove a point, to hang in there in this crazy league season to name but a few.

Until the Coq made his ill timed decision I thought we were excellent. With all odds stacked against us we battled for every ball, worked extremely hard, looked pretty solid at the back and dangerous going forward.

Rambo’s flicked finish led to a jostle of epic proportions and we went into the break with a deserved lead.

The minutes after half time were crucial I felt and the most disappointing aspect to the sending off is we were in control at the time and looked more likely to increase our lead if anything.

As is pretty much the case every time it was a moment that changed the game.

If ever we needed that bottle, desire etc I mentioned earlier it was now. And boy did we have it.

The ten men did us proud, the equaliser was more than deserved and the players’ reactions were exactly what we as fans want to see. It looked like it really meant something and lets be honest, that’s not always the case.

A massive point all things considered and if nothing else it keeps us in the mix. Especially in this very strange season and with so many games still remaining.

We are still involved in 2 other competitions too of course and if we do things well, in a week’s time we could be looking forward to yet another trip to Wembley.

That starts with the long trip to Hull on Tuesday. It is a hurdle we should have already overcome. But it’s not. So we need to approach the game with the same attitude as yesterday.

If we do I am confident. If we don’t I am not. Simple really.

For now we could crow about the fact we have played our geographical neighbours three times this season, have won 1, drawn 2 and lost NONE.

But we won’t do that. Because it’s not that important. And our values are history, tradition and class.

See you on Humberside folks.

Proud to be a Gooner.



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