All Good Things……

Sunday 13th March 2016

Negativity is something I don’t feel I can ever be accused of. But I had a real bad feeling about today. Eventually a run in a cup competition must come to an end. And never before had I felt it would be at the latest hurdle. I will even go as far as to say I had a picture in my mind as to how it would pan out.

That nightmare, premonition, call it what you like came true and unfortunately, one game from equalling our unique record of reaching the semi final after winning it the previous 2 seasons, we are out.

To begin with we need to analyse the facts. We totally dominated the first period and created all of the chances. We won all the 50/50s, probed and looked for that opener and could and should have scored.

Watford had a game plan however. And having not made our dominance count, they would have been happy at half time that it had worked.

All the time the game remained nil nil I fancied us. But that wasn’t going to happen, not in my dream anyway.

We haven’t been playing consistently well for some time and having gone behind it was difficult to see how we were going to get level and back in the game.

That became even less likely of course with our visitors’ 2nd. And just like a Spurs it just had to be a stunner.

It simply wasn’t going to happen. But when DW slotted home with a couple to go, it just could have done.

The same player missing an absolute sitter just moments later probably summed up the fact as to why, eventually your luck in any cup competition runs out.

The final fact is of course, we are out. And any view, opinion and debate cannot change that.

I’m as disappointed as anyone. Gutted in fact. But slightly more worried as to how the remainder of our season pans out.

We look jaded for me. Whereas in the last 2 seasons our cup run had us on a kind ‘crest of a wave’ and that carried us through. We looked strong, fit and like we could and would get a result in every game we played.

But we don’t right now.

Not turning our considerable possession into chances and victories has become a regular occurrence, especially at home seems. Think Southampton, Swansea and today in recent weeks.

And that could be the reason for my nightmare.

Tomorrow I head to Gatwick for my flight to Spain, early on Tuesday morning. That’s not because I felt we had a good chance of going through. Or because I have not seen us in the Nou Camp. I’ve been numerous times and would be going if we were 10 nil down after the 1st leg.

That’s my choice. Just like it’s my choice to support my team and club, win, lose or draw. And have my own views too. Not because some bloke with a flag or someone like that twat Piers Morgan tells me otherwise.

And am I that blinkered that I think we have a chance?

No. Of course not. I believe that if we went through it would not only be the greatest result in the truly awesome history of our magnificent club, but one of the very greatest in the history of the game.

But that is not relevant. We want success. Of course we do. But that is certainly not the be all and end all of supporting your club.

Proud to be a Gooner. Yesterday, today and forever more.



3 responses to “All Good Things……”

  1. Monica Mason says :

    Thank you for another great blog. I wish all Gooners were like you, supporting their team through thick and thin. There are too many plastic Gooners!
    Love reading your blogs, thanks.

  2. Martin O'Donnell says :

    Always proud to be a Gooner mate.

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