Monday 2nd May

Looking back at Saturday evening’s fixture in the future it is hugely unlikely it will be remembered for the action on the pitch. We got the hugely important three points and that above all else was and is hugely important. But it certainly wasn’t a great game.

When reminiscing this season my decision on a previous corresponding fixture has generally been whether to talk about a game in the last 40 odd years that I attended or pick one from even further back.

Quite a number of home games with Norwich spring to mind but I have chosen one back in 1989 that is memorable for a number of reasons. Firstly David O’Leary became our record appearance holder that day and not only that, in a feisty old encounter he managed to get himself on the scoresheet.

For me the game is more remembered however, for a bit of argy bargy in the goal net in front of the North Bank right at the death! Having already scored one penalty Lee Dixon had the chance to double his tally in the last minute with the scores at 3 all.

Bryan Gunn saved the kick but Dicko managed to scuff home the rebound and after the ball trickled over the line there was some serious handbags.

Funny, memorable and secured three important points against a Canaries side including Andy Townsend, Robert Fleck, David Phillips and Andy Linighan, the latter’s moment of glory coming 4 years later on a wet Thursday night in May at Wembley with the cannon on his chest.

Punch up

Punch up

If Saturday’s game will be remembered for little more than Welb’s important winner there was plenty of interest created off the pitch.

The 5.30 kick-off meant a number of our lot enjoyed the hospitality of some of central London’s hostelries and the football side to the day hardly even got a mention. Not of course because we didn’t care, just that the social side of a day at the football is equally as important to many of us.

There was a small protest as we all know. People expressing their views as every single person is entitled to do. But it was also interesting that the vast majority in the stadium chose the same moment to show their support for the club. I’m not sure what that means to be honest but it did give a sense of pride that ‘Victoria Concordia Crescit’ is still very strong.

As we head into May we have just 2 games to go. And with both Manchester teams dropping points this weekend it means we still have another European Tour within touching distance.

If we can get that under our belts it’s a positive. And I think we could all do with that Summer break.

See you Sunday in Manchester.



2 responses to “Opinions”

  1. Ian says :

    I remember that 89 game as the wettest I’ve ever attended !!!!

  2. patrickafc says :

    I took part in the protest myself, but I did so while also joining in with a rendition of “We Love You Arsenal”. Make of that what you will. I guess what I’m saying is that there’s a difference between supporting the team and supporting the club. I did those two things at the same time because I was still behind the team but I don’t have any confidence in the hierarchy of the club. It was great to watch Leicester’s celebrations yesterday (particularly at Tottenham’s expense), but I don’t think we’ll be seeing those at Arsenal any time soon.

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