Saturday 20th August 2016

I’ve kinda said this before but there is a massive overriding reason why I go to football. Meeting my mates, having a few beers and talking utter bollocks. That’s what we do on match days. And that is what I enjoy most.

Political debate, the Olympics. What the sports presenters should be wearing. Or more importantly (surely), what they are saying. The environment. Etc etc.

They’re all not for me.

And the main reason.

We are there for the same things. We all want the same conclusion. And we are not judged. Apparently.

At the moment things feel a little bit different. Not the majority of it. But the chunk I don’t go to football for is increasing. Every week.

I’ve always had the attitude that if you genuinely don’t enjoy supporting the Arsenal…….your club…….don’t go to watch them. And I mean that. Totally. Your choice. I have mine. And you have yours.

But today, I felt like my choice was approaching a time where it is no longer mine. Arsenal fans, those people who supposedly support the same team as me, were fighting amongst themselves. On the way in, at half time, and at the end of the game.

And that is not why I go.

I make no apology for the way I am. And I guess those who choose to travel a long way just to air their negativity don’t need to apologise either.

And I get that too I think.

But my mate as just said if the kebab shop is not open when we get home, he’s kicking off.

Not relevent…..but it’s comments like that keep us going. Not because it’s literary genius….or even that funny. But it is why we go. It made us smile.

If 3 to 4 thousand of us went to away games every other week with an attitude where we are there for a laugh. For a good time. For a smile. For a release. For a moment. Etc etc etc

Yes, we get unhappy, frustrated, annoyed………when it don’t go well. And yes, when it does go well, we enjoy, get silly, get emotional too. Together.

But at the moment that togetherness, is not there.

And I don’t like that.

I mentioned earlier we have that choice. Whether to attend or not. Somebody (a Gooner I presume) shouted in my face, “If you don’t like it, don’t bother coming”.

It…..being you kicking off I guess. Not something that we can discuss. But when my mate questioned who.should replace our current boss. His reply was “anyone”……”my nan could do better”.

I don’t know your nan mate. But she couldn’t.

I’m a very calm bloke. Very.

But the original part of this ‘fellow Gooner’s’ comment has made me want to go all the more (having deleted my real thoughts 5 times now).

I am Arsenal through and through.

As are you (I think).

Victoria Concordia Crescit……..look it up.

Oh…..I forgot, there was a game. And the performance and the result was ok. Last week’s opener makes it less of a positive. If we had won last week, today was not so bad. But a point from Leicester away is not a terrible result.

And that is whether our current manager was in charge…..or a tracksuit wearing, peaked cap wearing, running down the touchline, never ending pot of money spending alternative was at the helm.

See you at Watford I guess.



3 responses to “Stale”

  1. MARK LILLEY says :

    I understand your frustration, being a die hard Gooner, even from afar.
    There is so much negativity around from so called supporters of the club.
    We have a good manager who has taken the club to where it is now, where a hell of a lot of other clubs would love to be.
    Yes we can do better, but we could be doing a hell of a lot worse.

  2. Grant says :

    Well said Stubbsy……FFS if we can not show solidarity at the away games at least then what are we! As for fighting each other, that is just ridiculous.

  3. Martin O'Donnell says :

    Totally , totally agree with you mate. Just because I do not vocalise my frustrations I sense some of my fellow Gooners now think less of ME because I must be some kind of namby pamby AKB. Whether I am or whether I am not will in no way deter me from supporting my Club, thick and thin. Yes I am annoyed about how we don’t spend money to buy the best players, Yes, the way we play frustrates me, Yes I would like us to show more ambition and challenge for the Premier title. But there is really nothing I can do about it, other than to support my club. As you say Victoria Concordia Cresit. Keep calm and support the Arsenal.

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