Never in Doubt

Saturday 10th September 2016

Swearing is not big or clever. Although I do quite like it. In the right situation or context. It can provide enormous emphasis when required. But I don’t particularly like unnecessary bad language when its……..well……..unnecessary.

But today I have received a torrent of ‘abuse’. All justified. Why? Well……as I went to the game straight from Bestival, I was dressed like a bit of a tit.

It kinda started in the ferry terminal early this morning where despite the advertising videos chucking out pictures of the event for all to see the fact I walked in looking like death warmed up and dressed as previously described, the ‘shoppers’ of this world gawped as if I was a freak of nature.

That was nothing compared to the tube journey. Although most probably just put that down to being ‘London’.


Walking to my usual pre-match pub however, I got wolf whistled by burger vans! That is a whole new level.

Upon arrival I was told in no uncertain terms ‘now I know what it’s like to be a woman’. Of course I took that on board, offered the lady a babysham and asked her why she was at football and not at home darning some socks. Coz I’m a modern man you see.

All this took place before the main event of course. But it was a strange day. Firstly my football routine had been thrown out of the window. Secondly I was dressed like an ostrich. Thirdly it was a Saturday 3pm kick off. So we weren’t on the telly. Ridiculous.

I enjoyed the game. But only because we got a late winner. If I was writing this having drawn (or lost) I’d have the right ump. But, that’s football in a nutshell.

I thought we started the game in control. But it wasn’t exactly dominance. We didn’t deserve to be losing. And we reacted well with Kos’s overhead kick an awesome highlight. And post equaliser and until half time I thought we played well.

But although we were the team looking for that winner our visitors had their share of the good chances in the 2nd period.

I genuinely haven’t seen a replay of the penalty incident. So I can’t comment. Sorry. But we’ll take that. Just as they would had it been the other way round.

3 points. Lovely.

It turned a good day into a great one.

I’m going back to Bestival. I fit in there.

Up the Arse!



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