A Point in Paris

Wednesday 14th September 2016

Three times I’ve been to Paris previously but unfortunately each of those trips is littered with bad memories. Over the years however, I’ve always wanted to return with time available to get a better indication of what is described by many as one of the world’s greatest cities.

That achieved accompanied by Alexis’ late equaliser, I’m heading back to Charles de Gaulle airport with an altogether satisfactory vibe.

Bestival came to a close late on Sunday night and I’d be lying if I said I was ‘full of beans’ departing for Gatwick early on Monday morning. If the weather is kind music festivals are awesome. But they are absolutely exhausting too.

Getting from the airport to our hotel on a packed commuter train in sweltering heat didn’t help to be honest but showered, changed and enjoying a pint in an establishment that was to become our ‘local’ went a long way to lifting the spirits!

One or two other hostelries were treated to our presence before we made our way to see the late showing of the Moulin Rouge. Tacky but certainly spectacular and well worth going to, it completed a long, hot but entertaining first day of the trip.

A bit of Moo

A bit of Moo

If the ‘Moo Red’ was done as a tourist, Tuesday morning provided the opportunity to see some of the more well known sights by day. And they don’t come any bigger than the Eiffel Tower. An awesome thing to see against the blue sky of a sundrenched city.



That done, our ‘local’ played host for the pre-match build up before we took the metro to the ground.

The Parc des Princes is quite iconic. Not only is it the home of PSG but before the Stade de France was built it also played host to internationals in both football and egg chasing. And as it is 21 years since we last visited on that dreadful night back in May 1995, it was good to see it full and rocking this time round.



Before a ball was kicked we would all have definitely taken a point. So to get just that is very pleasing.

PSG do not lose many home games. 1 in their last 40 European ties in fact. So it is an extremely tough place to get a result.

And although we rode our luck a little bit at times and David Ospina performed admirably, we kept going and played some good football, especially in the 2nd half and after such a disastrous start.

We all like a late goal, in particular when it means so much. And last night’s produced the typical away end jostle as you would expect.

So a point from our toughest fixture on paper then. Very pleasing from a tough night……and we drank to it in the traditional way back in our local.

Consequently today’s touristy walk was a little bit uncomfortable at times. The whole dehydration/hangover/intense heat combination is not a good one!

But with Notre Dame, Pont Neuf, banks of the river Seine and the Louvre ticked off the list the pain was worth it.

I’m going to finish by saying congratulations to Mick and his now fiance Sami. The soppy sod proposed at the Eiffel Tower!

See you in Hull.



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