City of Culture

Sunday 18th September.

Train travel is something I quite enjoy. Not only is it relaxing but when you throw football into the equation the journey includes the usual banter. If you choose to stay overnight however, any travel option is likely to be less ‘comfortable’!

And although that is the case this morning, it is gloriously sunny and we head back home with the three points we came here for.

This is the 3rd time I have stayed over in the city of Kingston-upon-Hull but both the previous occasions it has been midweek so experiencing the Saturday night fare has been a new experience.

Consequently our smooth train journey from Kings Cross and past our home had us all thoroughly looking forward to the hours ahead. Although we like to think that the post match entertainment will be equally as enjoyable whatever the result, the reality is if we get a poor result, the night out can end up being a bit of a damp squib.

See you next Saturday

See you next Saturday

One of our travelling party (Finbar) enjoys a real ale (or 5) and the rest of us don’t need too much persuading to join him. And no matter where we end up he will have an idea of which establishment(s) we should head for.



Having dropped our bags at the hotel, this time was no different so we headed through the roadworks and shoppers to a basement local for our pre-match refreshment, an interesting establishment if nothing else.

The main event of course produced the result we all wanted in an incident packed game where although I felt we played pretty well, it was a bit of a strange one.

Before the goals came

Before the goals came

We could and should have been 3 goals to the good before the penalty incident through no more than a thoroughly dominant display. But although the handball didn’t change the game due to the spot kick being awarded, the sending off did and it was pretty harsh and arguably incorrect having seen the TV replays.

Santi should have taken it and the debate over why he didn’t was considerable. For me however, Alexis should have buried it anyway and the fact he didn’t was more frustrating.

Come the break it was all about being professional and avoiding complacency.

And to be fair other than perhaps a few minutes after we conceded we did that pretty well. And Granit’s goal was worth the entrance money alone. 4-1 away from home. That will definitely do.



I mentioned the roadworks in Hull earlier and due to the city being ‘City of Culture’ in 2017 (but they don’t like to mention it!) the place is one massive building site at the moment. But believe me that’s not me being critical. I absolutely love Hull. The history and architecture is quite awesome in places, the old town is awash with superb pubs and everyone we have met once again could not have been more friendly.



And for a few hours it very much played host to our celebratory mood.

Another successful away day then, finished this morning by eating a full English whilst the participants in the Hull Marathon ran past the cafe. Slightly guilt ridden watching them go by having enjoyed a skin full last night and a fry up this morning (only slightly mind) that pretty much brings us up to date.



Looking out my train window we are at Retford. One more stop and London beckons.

The City Ground, Nottingham comes next.

Come on you yellows!



3 responses to “City of Culture”

  1. Upgrade says :

    Feeling thoroughly Cultured Up…and a big thank you to Stubbsy for the fascinating insight in to train track signalling which we are all now culturalt enriched by ( A two tin comment mate)

  2. Paul Kilminster says :

    Great blog graham. The way you write it makes me feel like I was part of the trip!

    Sent from my iPhone Paul Kilminster


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