Boom Boom!

Thursday 29th September 2016

Although the spelling is not quite the same, arguably the 2 most famous Basils us Brits know are both from the art of comedy (although admittedly of very different and varying levels!) There was Basil Fawlty of course, the bungling proprietor of the Fawlty Towers Hotel what was and still is a legendary sitcom long since passed. And then there was the puppet that was Basil Brush. Similar eras but… I said…..very different in their field! I could also mention the well known herb too……well……I just have. And that will do.

The puppet however, had a quite famous line of two words, often quoted after an attempt at comedy. Having won 2 nil against our friends from FC Basel of Switzerland, those 2 words seem quite apt the day after another excellent performance.

But if it wasn’t for their goalkeeper on the night you could at least treble the number of times those 2 words would be used!

Champions League nights have always been very different to those in our normal week to week domestic season. Both on and off the pitch.

That Champions League night atmosphere

That Champions League night atmosphere

Firstly those club to club rivalries are rare and secondly the matches themselves can be extremely different tactically than an English League affair. But, as last night proved, if your attacking performance is as good as the way we played on Saturday for example, a positive result will still be the outcome.

Basel are no mugs. Far from it. They are in the Champions League yet again on merit, they have a huge amount of experience in the competition now and in 8 previous games in Europe against English sides, they have never lost. Not 1 or 2. Eight. Home and away against your Chelseas, your Liverpools, your Man Utds, your Tottenhams of this world, the latter being on a Thursday of course.

Our first half performance was almost mindboggling I felt. The attacking football was out of this world. We created clear cut opening after clear cut opening with some quite dazzling football. The 2 goals were of course thoroughly deserved but it is no exaggeration that it could quite easily have been 6 or 7 by the break.

The scorer has had a great start to the season. Often a frustrating player and one many Gooners were genuinely starting to lose their patience with, the one thing where we are all 100% agreed is we all would rather he went on to be a total success in the red and white of Arsenal. That will depend on him, his confidence and probably above all given his history, if he manages to remain injury free.

The programme last night confirmed Theo is reaching a milestone. After his double he is only a couple of goals from being in the top 20 of our all time goalscorers. And if he keeps this form up he will be heading for that top 10 sooner rather than later.

Our professional second half performance, similarly to Saturday made sure it was another fine night and puts us in a great position to go on and progress from the group over the next couple of months.

Turf Moor Burnley awaits and a long old Sunday it promises to be. That time however, will feel much shorter if we continue our good run and come home with a positive result.

Come on you……..yellows! (I assume!)



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