Thursday 15th December 2016

We’ve got a pretty good record at Goodison Park down the years but you are only as good as your next game. And although I’ve seen us play a lot worse, we certainly didn’t do enough on Tuesday night to deserve any more than a point.

When things are that ‘tight’ defending crosses properly is essential. And no matter whether the second goal came as a result of an incorrect corner decision or not, that doesn’t allow excuses for not doing that.

As can be the case, it put a real dampener on what was a thoroughly enjoyable away day. Our train journey proved on time and relaxing and our hotel in the city’s Albert Dock area was quite superb.



There are an enormous amount of establishments to enjoy pre-match fare in Liverpool and this time of year the atmosphere is very festive. Consequently 3 different hostelries looked after us and proved very hospitable.

Goodison Park is one of the more atmospheric stadia in the UK and always has been. It’s location amongst the terraced houses matches many of the ‘old style’ grounds we have visited down the years, including our very own Highbury of course.

Night match atmos

Night match atmos

But, that often means the facilities and viewing is not of a standard we have become used to in recent times!


Having taken the lead it was extremely disappointing to not get through to half time with that advantage intact. Theo arguably could have done more to prevent the cross from coming in and although it was a decent ball, a player being able to nod in unmarked is very very frustrating.

The longer the second period went on it looked like we would take home a point for our efforts. Not perfect but not disastrous. But another unmarked header saw us leave with nothing despite going incredibly close to snatching something in the dying seconds.

It made the city’s hospitality into the small hours less enjoyable by some distance.

A tough one to take then but an extremely tough away day back up in the North West on Sunday means we have no time to dwell on it.

Come on you Gunners!



One response to “Unmarked”

  1. riproarringred says :

    Still gutted about this result, the fact that everyone else won on Wednesday has made me even more grumpy!!! – grrrrrrrr….

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