New Year Satisfaction

Sunday 1st January 2017

Happy New Year to all. Happier of course with three points in the bag.

Feeling rough on New Years Day is not exactly unusual. So I’m not embarrassed that this morning I wasn’t at my best. I can deal with hangovers, especially if they follow a good night. But I’m not good on transport. It’s motion I think. It seems to treble the nausea.

My alarm clock was met with a thumping head. Proper banging. Seeing in the new year with a pub visit and a glass of bubbly at midnight doesn’t sound too excessive……but the couple of bottles of port that followed probably were, no matter how enjoyable they proved. And my head expressed it’s considerable displeasure this morning with bells on!

My journey started with a short car ride and a ferry. Not great on the whole transport/motion/nausea combo. And by the time I was 30 minutes into my train journey the coffee I had consumed in a bid to improve the way I was feeling was down the pan. Not nice.

The tube journey almost finished me if I’m honest but in a ‘kill or cure’ hair of the dog half hour or so, a quick 2 or 3 Jack Daniels and ice had me back in the game. Happy days!

At the moment I think it feels like we need to look after our own results more than ever. That might be an obvious statement but with everyone talking about Liverpool this and Tottenham that, Chelsea blah blah, Manchester waffle waffle, we need to keep winning our games and quietly progress in the background.

And 2 home wins over Christmas are a good way to start.

As much as none of us were impressed with West Brom’s tactics on Boxing Day they definitely offered more of a threat than Palace this afternoon. Our domination of the game from start to finish (apart from about 30 seconds at 2 nil when Petr Cech made a couple of good saves) was almost ridiculous. And the victory at the end of it was more than deserved.

Half way through the first half there was the small matter of our opening goal. An interception on the edge of our own box was followed by a superb sweeping move and concluded with a finish that was simply incredible. A goal that if it was scored by a Ronaldo, a Messi, a Aguero or another one of the media darlings it would be talked about for years and years. But it was Olly Giroud. And our big centre forward should receive plaudits of equal intensity.

Another three points will do as we look forward to Tuesday nights trip to Bournemouth.

For now, I’m going to have an early night I think……but I might just watch Olly’s goal one more time on Match of the Day before I turn in.

See you in Dorset.



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