Marching In

Sunday 29th January 2017

There is absolutely nothing mildly interesting, enjoyable or appealing about ‘The One Show’. Yesterday’s fun day out on the south coast however, means Monday night’s will contain something of interest to all us Gooners. Just 16 teams can now win the FA Cup. And we are very much one of them.

Living where I do a trip to Southampton is pretty much my local game these days and that of course means its exactly the same for all my fellow Arsenal fans in this area. That means it is always one helluva day out. In recent years however, the enjoyment off the pitch has been tainted by performances and results ranging from deflating to crushing.

Our pre-match fun yesterday matched any previous trips entertainment wise, a couple of pubs and fantastic company adding to those unique football emotions only cup games seem to throw up.

One of our supporters club members was to experience an altogether unexpected treat when checking into his hotel too. The team were using the facilities for their own pre-match build up and it was great to hear Mr Wenger, Bouldy and the players could not have been any nicer or approachable, especially with his young children. When the media are always so quick to jump on anything negative that kind of thing restores our faith (and hope I guess) that the club appreciates us as fans.

Mr Wenger and friends

Mr Wenger and friends

Similarly to Preston our travelling army was large in number and noisy with anticipation. But as always only our team could prove if our confidence was foolhardy.

Ten changes from the team that beat Burnley was a brave decision in my book but also demonstrates the total confidence Mr Wenger has in every member of our squad. Our hosts made a similar number of changes but we can only assume this is not something our boss was aware of before he picked his team. And with the Saints impressing so much in both legs of the League Cup semi aganist Liverpool, it certainly looked like we would need to be at our best to get a result.

What unfolded in front of us was simply sublime. Every player all over the pitch put in a performance and it was thoroughly enjoyable. 5 high quality goals, marvellous entertainment and of course progression to the next round. A job well done.

24 hours after we find out who will stand in our way from a quarter final appearance we take on Watford in another fixture where we need to come away with the three points.

Who to pick is a good problem to have I would say. On Saturday’s evidence it could be any of our squad and we couldn’t moan.

Come on you mighty reds!



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