Tuesday 31st January 2017

I’m at Earls Court. The driver of my District Line train has just announced we need to get off, ‘coz the train is faulty’.

Earlier today my 1 hour and 40 minute train journey took nearly 3 and a half hours.

So……I should have known.

I thought we played well in the second half. And I’m not going to knock that because it was the only thing we could do given we were 2 goals behind.

But it is so so frustrating that we didn’t wake up until then.

Gilly is leaving soon. For pastures long off. But he managed to squeeze this one in. So we met in Covent Garden for a few pre match ales and our opinions were laced with confidence, optimism and anticipation. Why wouldn’t they be?

But. We were also aware of what happened against Burnley.

And tonight we experienced what happens if your opponents make the most of early opportunities. 2 nil down before we could even blink. Brilliant.

It’s easy to criticise with the benefit of hindsight, so I’m not going to. But, having got ourselves in a position of threat, we blew it. Against Watford. At home. Draw your own conclusions.

Chelsea away next. Much the same as Watford at home I guess.

Chins up.

Come on you mighty reds!



2 responses to “Disaster?”

  1. JUDIE Grant says :

    Thanks for your calming words when all about us are in melt down.

    It seems the role of the modern football supporter is to rant, complain & abuse. Support ain’t what it used to be.

  2. Upgrade says :

    Chin up indeed and bring on Chelski mate

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