Liking the Sound of One’s Voice

Tuesday 4th April 2017

Football can be very frustrating. Now there’s an obvious statement! And with bias towards and support for one team, that emotion can only truly be influenced by all the things that surround them. That can be aspects our team can dictate and those they can’t. On Sunday I heard one of our own utter the words, “I don’t really want to attend games when we’ve got nothing to play for”. Surely that is more than just frustration. Bordering on ‘spoilt’ if you ask me.

I don’t mind admitting I find that kind of statement more than ridiculous. Laughable in fact. But I also can’t help but feel it is kind of indicative of the way modern day football fans are. Certainly in the upper reaches of the Premier League anyway.

Even in possibly our most inconsistent and frustrating season of recent times we have an FA Cup Semi Final to look forward to and we fight on to try and grab a Champions League spot that many Gooners simply take for granted these days due to our incredible run of qualifying year in year out.

That, is nothing to play for in some people’s eyes.

Many many times I have said this over the 15 years or so I have been writing a diary/blog, but football and supporting your team is not compulsory. Everyone has a choice. If you don’t enjoy yourself and see it as a grind, don’t go. It’s simple. And ‘supporting’ is not about only when your team is winning either. That is easy. ‘Sticking together’ is a phrase we are hearing a lot at the moment but for me that is right up there amongst the most important aspects of following a team/club. And when things are not going quite as you long for it is not only more important than ever but should make you grow even stronger, both personally and as a unit.

When you are in a pub, on a train or any public environment, does hearing another person criticise, slate or talk bullshit about your club hurt you, especially if you don’t know him/her? Does that situation make you think irrational thoughts?! If it does, you are like me. And on that basis we are together.

And that makes the confrontational element within our ranks all the more disappointing. We can all have differing opinions but deep down we all want the same thing. Each opinion and point can be valid…..but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is correct.

In a football ground, en masse if you like, any person can shout and scream their views and opinions. But when you do, no matter how much you’ve got the loudest voice, it doesn’t mean those around you have to agree or in fact have to put up with it without expressing their own opinion. And when they do, getting the ‘ump about it is massively hypocritical.

This brings me to Sunday afternoon and our home game against Man City. The minor ‘handbags’ inside the ground (and believe me that’s all they were as they happened in the section where I sit) have been widely reported like it is some kind of massive in house brawling that is regularly taking place. That is not surprising of course with the media seeking any possible way, however small, to try and both knock our great club and undermine our support for it. But it was no more than one or two acting in the way previously described and it boiling over due to others having the sheer cheek to have a different opinion!

It wasn’t particularly nice obviously and I have no problem with people standing up for their views but the general feeling was more disappointing that our current situation has brought on such an incident than anything else.

I could be dramatic and say it took the shine of what was an extremely entertaining encounter but it didn’t. Two very attack minded sides going head to head and matching each other punch for punch made hugely entertaining fare, for a neutral if nothing else.

We are not neutrals however, so despite it being a fair result overall, our current position means it feels like another 2 points dropped rather than 1 gained.

There were good points…we looked dangerous going forward….and there were bad ones too….defensive mistakes once again. But overall it was a big improvement on recent performances I would say.

Effort and desire are two aspects we certainly can’t criticise I feel as they were both there in abundance. And both sides had opportunities to win the game throughout.

We move on and that means taking on West Ham on Wednesday evening. London derbys have those extra ingredients. Local rivalry, a game under the lights and 3 points being crucial all make it look an enthralling evening.

Victoria Concordia Crescit…………some out there need to look that up.

Come on you reds!!



2 responses to “Liking the Sound of One’s Voice”

  1. fisu85 says :

    Hello Frank

    Like that post, good comments.

    We will fight until the end to finish as high as possible.


  2. Martin says :

    I wish I could write as well as you do. I agree 100% and have lamely tried to write in facebook on very similar theme, particularly the meaning of VCC and Rocky’s quote. Well written mate. I might nick some of it! 😜

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