A Million Miles Away

Monday 10th April 2017

Wednesday gave me a little hope. April is a good time to hit a bit of form I thought. It’s easy to say it ‘was only West Ham’ of course but I felt we turned up against Man City too.

But it’s hard to argue that hope wasn’t false after tonight. Almost impossible in fact.

It’s all well and good saying we dominated possession and probed and pushed for much of the game. But we lost 3 nil to a very mediocre side. 3 nil.

I’m not one for singing songs that are detrimental towards my own side. But, whilst recognising totally it is down to the manager to motivate his team, I also believe the players get away with pretty much no criticism. Not tonight. And it’s about time in my view. Too many out there not pulling their weight.

I hope it hurt a bit. Because it hurts us. Those who take time off work on a Monday, those who spend their cash to come along, those who use our ridiculously unreliable railway network or fight their way through the rush hour traffic. Those, like me, making my way back south to get on a ferry, to go to bed in the early hours of the morning only to wake up to the reality that we got spanked 3 nil by a Palace side fighting to avoid relegation. It hurts quite a lot.

On Easter Monday we go to Middlesbrough. And I will be making that long trip of course. Matches like tonight make me wonder why. But only for a moment or two

Arsenal til I die.



3 responses to “A Million Miles Away”

  1. Martin O'Donnell says :

    Just sad times innit Mate. See you next Monday ! ATID

  2. Upgrade says :

    Having watched Rocky and Wrighty the night before I don’t mind telling you the post match interview brought bloody tears to my eyes….it was pitiful. ..we have all got to get behind the club we love but these players are letting us all down which is very sad.
    We will keep the faith mate.

  3. Andre says :

    I always say that we can lose a game, we can even lose once 5-1 no problem, but the way we give these points away is hurting that much. I nearly saw all matches on tv due to the fact I do not live in UK and can’t come over every time. I really miss that fighting spirit. My coach – when I played football – always said if you don’t or can’t play well you may at least fight!

    Hope our team will find that kind of fighting spirit again.

    Arsenal till I die.

    Thanks for the blog I really appreaciate and follow them from Switzerland.

    Cheers and see you soon

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