By Hook or By Crook

Thursday 27th April 2017

Every season has games like last night. Even the all conquering league winning examples. Sometimes you are on the end of them whilst on other occasions, such as last night, you come out the other end with an important three points. So given that reasoning, I’ll happily take them and move on.

I started writing my thoughts late last night. Not because I had a passion to get them out there as soon as possible. Just because of the following;

…..picture the scene. It’s just gone midnight and Wightlink ferries have ‘laid on’ a boat to get us home because of their decision to cancel the usual ferry service.

The boat is dated, about as warm as a fridge and is so bad it’s laughable.

Heading out into the dark deep waters of The Solent we are not moving very fast….and an announcement has been made that “we’ve lost an engine”. We are genuinely not sure what that means but we have come to a reasonable assumption that doesn’t mean it has fallen off and on its way to the sea bed. Apparently, rather pleasingly, “someone is trying to sort it out”.

As we bob around like a cork, a few further minutes have passed so I will keep you updated. One of our ship/ferry/boat/raft/pedalo’s massive crew……we think there are 3… is behind the 1960s style refreshment counter, another is trying to fix the engine so we assume the other one is steering……has just returned from the engine room shaking his head and muffling something about a “smell of burning”. Nothing to worry about there then.

A further announcement reveals “fixing the engine has not been possible but don’t worry we’re gonna try and get across on the other one!”

Our lack of sea going knowledge dictates the kind of banter you would expect to keeping us sane and relatively confident we will reach our destination……’Don’t mean to worry you but crew member number 3 has just put on a lifejacket’ and ‘I’m in the process of drafting a note to my wife’ and ‘the guy behind the refreshment counter has just started to neck the top shelf’……amongst other things.

High spirits on the high seas

Wondering in their luxurious worlds if the players genuinely know what we all put ourselves through in support of the team has never felt so apt. It was certainly not rock n roll but the fact I am continuing my thoughts today at least means our ferry journey had a satisfactory ending!

The game itself definitely had a sense of ‘after the Lord Mayor’s show’ about it last night. Those who did attend (there were many who didn’t) were very quiet despite still being in a buoyant mood over Sunday and the idea that there are any easy games disappeared long ago.

Passing wise I thought we looked sharp, slick and constantly looking to penetrate the massed Leicester defence. But as a fellow Gooner pointed out, the hardest pass of all is always the last one. And for long periods that is exactly how it panned out.

Our visitors looked quick on the counter although I felt we defended that side of their game pretty well throughout. And we were well aware their biggest threat given the size of some of their players would be from set pieces, particularly long throws. And The Foxes’ couple of most dangerous moments came in exactly that manner.

But, with time running out, we kept going and our relative domination finally told, even if the goal had a large amount of good fortune about it.

Relief all round then on a chilly Spring night in North London……..and like part of my journey home….it just about keeps our hopes afloat!

Enjoy Sunday Gooners and be safe.



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