Monday 1st May 2017

Losing away at Tottenham has happened before of course. And it will happen again in the future. So Sunday wasn’t a unique experience. I hate losing but believe me I felt worse after we got beat at West Brom or Crystal Palace. Simply because Sunday’s hosts are 2nd in the league for reason whereas despite those other 2 being below us all season they both beat us relatively comfortably. With 3 of the teams fighting for those European places also dropping points before we even kicked a ball on the day, I have certainly felt a lot worse leaving that part of North London after a defeat.

My sister has twin boys. And in October this year they turn 19. Although I remember the day they were born very clearly it seems an awful long time ago. And when I analyse their near on 19 years there are literally hundreds of fantastic memories crammed into that time. Far too many to even begin describing. Even more incredible is the fact that before they were born, before they were a twinkle in their parents’ eyes in fact, we find the last time our geographical rivals from Middlesex finished above us in a league season. The likes of Robson & Jerome were top of the music charts, Mel Gibson was starring in the Premiere of Braveheart and Ajax were winning the Champions League. So if they want to celebrate that like they have actually won something, let them go ahead.

The reason for such riotous celebration is extremely obvious. Losing is something they are used to you see. Generations of them in fact. Whilst that is certainly not the case at our great club. Twice in the last three seasons for example. And when you are used to picking up major pots expectations are not only different but much much higher.

Not until they have won 13 league tiles instead of 2 and not until they go 21 years of finishing above us can they even consider any crowing. Despite all their efforts!

We played ok until going behind. Not brilliant, but ok. We could have gone behind earlier of course but the 2 notable chances that came our hosts’ way were as a result of heavily deflected crosses. But overall, we were beaten by the better performance on the day. And in football, that happens.

Before the Middlesbrough away game I felt 21 points from a possible 24 could well be enough to see us sneak a top 4 spot. And I have no reason to believe any different now. But are we capable of winning our last 5 games? At the moment I cannot see it. But whilst it is possible I will keep believing. That starts with the visit of Man United this coming Sunday.

All pundits, media and other such experts are suggesting the lengthy stronghold we’ve enjoyed in North London is about to change. I’m sorry but I’m not having that. Why?

Because we are the Arsenal.

And we will come again.



One response to “Rarities”

  1. Paul says :

    Great blog as always, I look forward to it as it always puts results into perspective and doesn’t get too carried away with success or failure! Anyway, I think the saddest part of all this is how divided the fans seem to be. Why are we not fighting as one and repelling the apparent media agenda to knock our club? Instead, we are adding fuel to the fire and creating a negative atmosphere. The players have been disappointing since December, but I can’t help but feel the atmosphere in and around the ground is a part of this. Unless we start well, the crowd seems to quickly go quiet or even turn on our own players. This can’t help the confidence of the team and if anything must boost the opposition, knowing if they keep us quiet in the opening 20 mins, then the crowd will start to turn. All this is contributing to a rather poor season, though as seems to be forgotten, we can still walk away with a trophy, so interesting what the media will deem as a successful season. Whatever happens, Arsene Wenger has made the modern Arsenal and shown incredible loyalty and class in an era when this is sadly lacking in the game. We should be proud and defend him to the hilt, the club and game as a whole will be a whole lot worse off when he has gone.

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