Always Nice

There’s a word that is very bland. Unless it is exaggerated for comedy purposes. And even then it is all about the delivery. Bit like our second goal I guess 😉

But pundits have used it to describe Sunday afternoon’s match. That is their choice of course but sometimes I feel they need to work out exactly what they want. Apparently us Arsenal fans are ‘living in the past’. Dreaming of previous glories. Yet if we put in a good attacking performance that produces a pleasing and important victory. Finish the game with all 11 on the pitch. Don’t have a punch up in the tunnel. That is not good enough.

Well……I’m sorry to disappoint, but it is for us. And that is all that matters. What other team’s fans think is less than irrelevant in my book. So if you don’t like it, keep your nose out and watch something else.

I have even heard we beat Man United and nobody in football actually cares. It’s about time these pundits started to realise what it is like to be a real fan. A real supporter of 1 club. Unless you are a fan of Arsenal or Man United, nobody has ever cared!! And nor should they. Just like we couldn’t give a flying pheasant about what any other club is up to. Chelsea are on the verge of winning the league for example……..but until I turned on my PC this morning I genuinely didn’t even know they played last night. The reason? They are not Arsenal. So I pay no interest.

Admittedly there was an end of season feel about the game. And given our visitors on the day that is unusual. But that is simply due to the level of our success over the last 20 years or more. And I say that knowing not everyone has the same opinion on what can be described in that way.

But there was still enough on show, enough desire, enough want to win, enough negative reaction and disappointment on both sides when aspects of the game didn’t go as planned, to realise winning mattered hugely on the day.

We played pretty well I thought. Our visitors had 2 chances, both in the 1st half, one they created and one that was handed to them on a plate by some very poor defending. Fortunately for us, they didn’t work against us and with the number of good things we also created, to go in level at the break was more than deserved.

Granit’s goal included a huge slice of luck of course and it provided the platform for us to go on and take the deserved three points. I say ‘luck’ but if you don’t buy that ticket you are not going to win the raffle. A cliché I know, but very much true on many occasions. I call a goal like that a ‘Lampard’. He made a living out of goals like that down the years.

There was nothing fortunate about the goal that doubled our lead. The excellent and ever improving Ox probed until he had the opportunity to send in a cracking cross, Welbz rose like a salmon and bang! It was 2 nil. A marvellous goal, not a ‘nice’ one, and it was enjoyed by all those present with the usual gusto.

So 1 down and 4 to go. A good start to that target. A target where the next hurdle is the tough trip to the south coast tomorrow night. Teams with little to play for are often described as the best to play at this stage of the season. Ask Liverpool what they feel about that after the weekend. Enough to make sure we are well and truly focused on the job in hand.

As I left the ground on Sunday evening the only line I could think of consisted of seven words…….the first 3 were, “It’s always nice…..”.

I’ll let you have a go at guessing the other 4

Come on you mighty yellows!



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