That Was a Friday

Friday 11th August 2017

You can’t let three goals at home and expect to come away with three points. With 20 minutes to go that very line was in my head. And it still is. But, on occasion, you get a game where that is not accurate.

The whole novelty factor that goes with Friday night fixtures makes them ok in my book. Don’t get me wrong I am with the traditionalists who believe 3pm on a Saturday afternoon is king. But of all the other options I quite like this one.

Everyone is in an upbeat mood. Many are well oiled. If that is a phrase I am allowed to use. And if you get the right result it is a great package. And i’m writing these thoughts on my train journey home from that exact scenario.

The late afternoon build up was cracking. Loads of people having ‘knocked off work early’. Everyone in a mood that reeked of ‘i’m not going to admit I missed the football…..but feck did I miss the football’. The old routine back in place.

The funny bit about all that is I don’t remember one single person asking me how I felt about our ‘chances’ this season. Not one. And if that doesn’t put my feelings and thoughts in a nutshell nothing does.

My walk along Gillespie Rd felt the same, my purchase of my matchday programme still happened, my swift ‘one for the road’ just before kick off was still too tempting to turn down and even though it was match 1 of 38 I still had that same buzz.

Come on you mighty reds!

We could not possibly have asked for a better start. And that feel good factor as a result was hugely apparent. Get in.

But at the highest level defensive mistakes get punished and those in the ‘basic’ category got the ultimate treatment.

Our equaliser just before half time was crucial and at 2-2 I was hugely confident we would go on and win the game.

But, from an unmarked header, we found ourselves behind again. Disappointing, frustrating and extremely annoying. Two goals required to make it a less than satisfactory opening day once again.

Going forward we still looked dangerous and we came close on more than one occasion but time was flashing by.

But Rambo slotted home the equaliser and with more than ten minutes to go we could win this.

Accompanied by a crackling atmosphere it could happen you know.

And Olly’s quite superb header made sure it did. Cue bedlam.

An average night all round.

See you in Stoke.



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