Thursday 22nd February 2018

Firstly, we won the tie 4-2 and we are into the last 16. And above everything else that is the most important thing.

But that takes nothing away from the fact the perfectly capable eleven chosen for tonight’s second leg were very poor on the night. I didn’t necessarily expect much. Certainly not the goalfest that many predicted. The sheer pride of our opponents and the fact we’ve got a cup final on Sunday warned me away from such thoughts. But I expected more than we got.

Those Arsenal fans who come home and away every single week don’t like games where we don’t win. But we can deal with it. Because just a few days later we will be at the next game. But when there are those who would rather not bother than use the season ticket seat they have paid for because ‘I ain’t gonna go and watch that shite’ it is ok to the rest of us if we can go back to them the following morning and say ‘you missed out there’.

But tonight wasn’t one of those nights. They can wallow in their satisfaction that it was the right decision not to bother.

Tomorrow we are in the hat for the last 16. But looking at our potential opponents we are a long way from being favourites to win it. Despite what any outsider wants to suggest.

And that situation is the same on Sunday too.

But it’s a cup final. There are only 2 teams left in it of the 92 who entered. And we are one of them. And relatively recent Wembley history tells us if we put in a performance we can be victorious.

So be proud, be loud and be classy.

Come on you mighty reds!



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