Tuesday 11th September 2018

The word ‘legend’ is arguably used a little bit too often these days. For me however, it’s more down to how we perceive the word. After all, there’s plenty of us out there that have seen a mate downing pints and shots like they’re going out of fashion until the early hours of the morning and being the first at breakfast the following morning looking as right as rain!

A home and away Gooner mate of 30 years plus reached the milestone that is 60 years old last week and both his friendship and dedication to Arsenal very much make him a legend in my book. And as a result a few of us took the opportunity to not only attend Saturday afternoon’s fare but then head off for a couple of nights in the highly entertaining and beautiful city of York. So it’s been a bit of a stormer.

Events commenced in exactly the same way as every home game with some banter filled pre-match refreshment and a stroll along Gillespie Road, the only difference being the lack of nerves or similar emotion given how relaxed the next couple of hours promised to be.

Adding something a bit different we took our place in Club Level for the game, a viewpoint I still maintain takes some beating in any stadium in the world.

Much has been said about the ‘quality’ of some of the players wearing the red and white but for me those critics are completely missing the point. Firstly the whole day was about raising money for charity and that should be remembered above all else. Secondly it’s yet another example of where some of our fans need to realise our wonderful football club wasn’t formed 15 years ago!


Admittedly it wasn’t the greatest game but again that simply isn’t the point. We enjoyed it, headed straight to Kings Cross immediately after the penalty shoot out and we were supping a fine pint of local ale in York by half past 7.

A messy weekend all in all and a cracking day to share a good mate’s 60th birthday celebrations. Legendary in fact.

Tomorrow is a day of firsts. Arsenal entering an under 21 side in the Checkatrade Trophy is an interesting move. Although the benefits might seem obvious to us as fans I think that remains to be seen. Being a massive fan of football stadia and in particular witnessing our team play in anywhere new, I and many similar Gooners are genuinely quite chuffed that this competition can give us that opportunity.

Our regular trips to Highfield Road seem a long long time ago now but there was a long period when we found ourselves making an annual visit. But I have never been to the Ricoh. So I’m thoroughly looking forward to making the journey.

It’s difficult to predict exactly how it will go but it will a be a big test for our younger talent no doubt.

The one thing that is for sure, any team with the cannon on their chest I want to win.

Up the Gunners!



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